Outsource Sales Analysis Services to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is leading back-office support for companies across the world, offering sales analysis and examining sales reports to find out the unsold product and services. We help companies in determining strategies to stock inventories, track the effectiveness of the sales force, setting the manufacturing capacity, and measuring the company performance. Outsourcing sales analysis services to BOP in India and offloading the task to our sales analysts will help you get better sales insights.

Whether companies want to optimize the operational and promotional efforts, predict the sales trends, and get market insights, assessing the customer metric data, obtain competitor information, or determining sales channels, BOP sales analysts help in achieving the business goals. Contact us to discuss your requirements in detail and know more about our services.

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Sales Analysis Services Skillsets at BOP

The sales analysts are highly data-driven, with vast experience and had been helping companies to make better decisions: Check the skill sets below:

  • Proven skills in analyzing and reporting sales data, market trends.
  • Experienced in providing actionable insights to develop a sales plan
  • Proficient in monitoring and evaluating sales performance
  • Adept in analyzing customer analysis, break-even analysis
  • Highly skilled in forecasting sales, demand, revenue, and expenses,
  • Expert in determining sales potential and making recommendations
  • Seasoned in performing budget analysis to guide investments in marketing and promotions.
  • Well versed with software and tools like Salesforce, Insightly, etc.
  • Period Comparisons BOP’s sales analysts provide companies with the sales comparison of the present with the past, or month-over-month sales, or the present month with the previous month depending on the type of business.
  • Break-Even Analysis The sales analysts at BOP perform break-even analysis for companies to find out the minimum sales needed without losing money and bring out the vulnerability of the break-even-points to the changes in the fixed and variable expenses.
  • Competitor Sales Analysis We provide competitor sales analysis depicting how well the competitors performed in the previous quarter and how much sales they have achieved.

Market Sales Analysis Services at BOP

  • Market Research We analyze the current market trends keeping in track the new arrivals, festive seasons, and seasonal decrease in sales, which might be helpful when the company plans to launch a new product.
  • Channel of distribution Analysis We help companies to analyze the channel of distribution, and the maximization through it, giving insights to decide whether the company should continue or discontinue with the present channel of distribution.
  • Forecast vs. Achievement Analysis BOP sales analysts also provide analysis in the forecasted sales numbers and the actual sales achievement and recommendations on if the liquidation of the stock is required.

Sales Analysis Research Benefits at BOP

BackOffice Pro team of sales analysts performs sales analysis along with some key benefits as below:

  • Get a summary of the available data to know the company’s missed opportunities.
  • Make better decisions in the future with sales promotions, marketing activities, planning stock, etc.
  • Get a clear understanding of why particular sales occurred during a particular time and serve your customers better.
  • Effectively, market trend analysis, customer analysis, forecasted sales numbers for your company.


Get Insights on your Company’s Sales Performance and Make Better Decisions

BackOffice Pro is a leading sales analysis provider to companies seeking help with sales comparison over time and preparing sales reports. We assist businesses in identifying their sales achievements on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Outsource sales analysis services to us to make better data-driven decisions. Contact us today to learn more.