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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a leading market research company in India, providing product research through the product lifecycle, competitive analysis, and more. We help companies with meaningful customer insights like demand, feedback, need, shopping behavior, etc. The useful insights we bring out enable our clients to identify market opportunities, ideal customer segments, and making informed decisions.

Whether you need market sizing, ethnographic research, competitor analysis, product survey, the testing value proposition to enhance product usability, and branding, BOP has the expertise to support your requirements. Outsource product research services to BackOffice Pro. Contact us to share your needs.

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Research and Product Development Skillsets at BOP

At BOP, the market research experts deliver accurate product research reports to help in product development. Check out our skillsets:

  • Experienced in identifying and conducting thorough market research and product analysis.
  • Proficient in executing competitive analysis on current product offerings, customer needs, and sales trends.
  • Expert in evaluating and prioritizing opportunities for product improvements, product line additions, new markets, market feasibility analysis.
  • Seasoned in preparing research reports on product functionality, pricing, packaging, merchandising, use, and applications.
  • Highly skilled in analyzing the end‐consumer preferences, influences, trends, and buying behavior and creating selling strategies.
  • Adept in creating product roadmap and life cycles to enhance productivity throughout the entire product life cycle, starting from idea to the post-launch phases.
  • Market Research BOP offers market research to the product companies to analyze market opportunities, competitor product analysis, demand, gaps in the market, and consumer behavior. The insights help in better product development.
  • User Discovery BackOffice Pro’s market research experts help product companies to validate product feedback from the customers through surveys and interviews. The insights we gain from the survey enables better product development.
  • Competitor Analysis BOP offers competitive analysis on similar products and their competitive merits and demerits on the customers while analyzing the demand, consumer behavior, and gaps in the market through surveys and feedback.

Product Development Research Services at BOP

  • Product Concept Testing BOP assists in analyzing the pain points of the consumers along with the market opportunity to conduct a product concept testing. We provide a visual representation of the product idea to gain insights into the solution.
  • Feature Prioritization BOP product research includes prioritizing features that serve the purposes of the customers to the maximum, adding competitive benefits over other similar products, and bringing in more customers.

Benefits of New Product Development Research at BOP

Product development services at BOP could be availed accompanied by the below-mentioned benefits:

  • Get validated new product and feature ideas
  • Get a comprehensive product research report and prioritizing product features
  • Identify your target customer segments with our product research
  • Get a detailed analysis of market opportunity and competitor analysis


Develop Better Product with BOP Product Research Report

While launching a new product or upgrading the existing one, depending on market research data is prudent than relying on intuition. BOP’s product research services involved a larger volume of tests conducted in a small sample size. Multiple surveys and tests help to gain insights throughout the product lifecycle while enabling continuous iterations and developing great products for the customers. Contact BOP for product research services and outsourcing benefits that we offer.