Outsource Primary International Market Research Services

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a leading provider of experienced international market research analysts to assist research firms across the globe. Each of our analysts is equipped with the market research subject knowledge, cultural expertise, and analytical skills required to manage anything from sensitive data collection to all the way through data analysis and interpretation of international markets. We offer specialized data collection and reporting, tailored to meet the needs of global market research providers, including market analysis, surveys, and new business analysis, etc.

Having partnered with many agencies around the world, we are a trusted provider of quality, and accurate international market research services at a highly competitive pricing. We enable market research agencies to scale their operations, broaden their reach, and grow their business by providing outsourced assistance when they need it the most.

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BOP’s International Market Research Skillsets

Our firsthand experience across various industries, marketplaces, and geographies are unparalleled with our extensive knowledge of international market research techniques:
  • B2B outsourcing experience with extensive knowledge of the frameworks and processes required to assist research agencies through the international market research process.
  • University-level degrees in Marketing, Economics, Statistics, Business Development, International Relations, Accounting, and Finance.
  • The ability to coordinate multinational market research studies and expertise in briefing partners.
  • Skilled in conducting in-depth and thorough research on the markets in different geographies.
  • Advanced skills in modeling, forecasting and statistics.
  • Adept at all industry-standard methods and techniques used in online research, as well as primary, secondary, quantitative and qualitative research.
  • Well-versed in collecting pertinent data via focus groups, interviews, and surveys, including multinational CATI studies, market scans, A/B testing, observation, government databases, and social media analysis.
  • Well-versed in using third-party panels, including Online Access Panel, which grants access to consumers in over 60 countries.
  • Experienced in offering support for product development, market entry, rebranding, offshoring, new business development, mergers and acquisitions, investment, and other related market research initiatives.
  • Skilled in delivering working with a variety of data sets and reports, all provided in the format and the language of clients’ choice.
  • Market Analysis Our analysts offer market analysis including everything from Product Classification and Competitor Analysis all the way through to Market Overviews, Competitive Intelligence, Tariff Calculations, Trend Analysis, and Branding Research Support.
  • Surveys and Interviews BOP conducts survey and interviews, manages questionnaires, and oversees both structured and unstructured customer data collection initiatives. Our moderators and interviewers are native speakers and are familiar with the nuances of the target culture.
  • Research Integration With extensive experience in researching multiple geographies, we provide comprehensive reports integrated with related data sources. Furthermore, our teams are well-versed in analyzing datasets in context to each other.

International Market ResearchServices We Offer

  • New Business Analysis Our experienced team assists in Market Entry Strategy, Export Compliance, Regulation, and Partner Identification, as well as issues relating to Due Diligence, Legal, Financial, and Trade Policy Analysis for new businesses.
  • In-Store Research With a well-coordinated network of partners, the team at BackOffice Pro has the reach to almost all geographies and thus helps clients in carrying out comprehensive in-store market research with an intense focus on retail and consumer goods.
  • Functional Support In many cases, our clients have the internal means of managing market research themselves, but they lack the local resources. In these instances, we assign dedicated analysts to work as virtual members of their in-house teams.

Benefits of BOP International Market Research Services

BackOffice Pro’s international market research services offer a variety of clear, unquestionable benefits:

  • Reliable support with localization and globalization initiatives.
  • As a leading international market research firm, we have business-to-business research partners in every major region of the world.
  • The cutting-edge technology we use is often too costly for many market research agencies to maintain and implement on their own.
  • We assist our clients in scaling up and down as needed. Our flexible hourly-based, FTE, and dedicated resource outsourcing options are suited to a variety of different budgets and project requirements.
  • We have developed a remarkable international network of collaborating institutes on all continents that our clients can be benefitted from.
  • Automation is an integral part of our research processes, ensuring lower costs and speedier delivery.
  • We work with local moderators who are fluent in the native languages and understand relevant local cultures, including Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and others.


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