Outsource Market Risk Analysis Services

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a leading global company that helps investment banks, financial organizations, and enterprises to identify and steer market risk positions. We, at BOP, offer market risk analysis, which plays an integral role in the investment process to locate the risks and evaluate them against the target profile. We generate a detailed risk modeling, at macro levels. Outsource market risk analysis service to BOP India to get an accurate risk analysis report and to stabilize the investment performance.

Market risk analysis from BOP includes currency risk analysis, commodity risk analysis, hedging strategy, capital asset pricing model, value-at-risk analysis, interest rate risk analysis, and more. Whether you have a requirement of one or more of the services or any other related solutions, BOP is here to assist. Contact us to know more about our market risk analysis services.

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Market Risk Management Strategy Skillsets at BOP

BOP has an experienced team of market risk analysts with in-depth knowledge and high skills as below:

  • Expert in the regulatory models like Effective Expected Positive Exposure (EEPE), Value-at-Risk (VaR) on Credit valuation adjustment (CVA) for counterparty risks
  • Proficient in the analysis of market risks Value-at-Risk (VaR), Stressed VaR, incremental risk charge (IRC) for the entire trading portfolio.
  • Highly experienced in the methodologies for capital requirements and economic models to monitor counterparty credit risk
  • Computation of the Counterparty credit risk profile, Conditional Value at Risk (CVaR) for exotic payoffs
  • Experienced in backtesting of the market risk metrics, counterparty credit risk metrics, capital asset pricing model
  • Knowledge of financial products and valuation models of market instruments like Monte Carlo techniques
  • Adept in value at risk analysis, currency risk, interest rate risk, etc.
  • Net Present Value (NPV) Analysis The team of BOP experts offers NPV analysis to present the difference between the present value of cash inflow and outflow over a while. Our accurate report helps in capital budgeting and investment planning to calculate the profitability of an investment.
  • Value at risk analysis We provide value at risk analysis to identify the financial risk within a firm. We assist in the financial research of the investment banks and commercial banks in determining how the extent and occurrence ratio of potential losses against investments in a usual market scenario at a given time.
  • Interest Rate Risk Analysis Interest rate risk arises from the fluctuating rates of interest of bonds and BOP experts analyze the risk associated with the interest rate of the bond depending on the price sensitivity on the interest rate changes in the market, which in turn depends on the maturity time of the bond and it’s coupon rate.
  • Currency Risk BOP provides currency risk analysis, which is also known as exchange rate risk, giving a clear picture of how currency depreciation will affect the value of the investments, assets, interest, dividend.

Market Risk Analysis Services that BOP Offers

  • Hedging Strategies We provide hedging strategies that help in risk management for losses in investments by placing against the related assets. Our hedging strategy includes derivatives and futures contracts.
  • Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) We provide the CAPM to bring out the relationship between systematic risk and expected return on assets like stock and bonds. We also help in pricing risky securities to generate high returns for assets at a given cost of capital.
  • Financial Modeling We offer financial modeling service that reflects the present scenario of the financial market representing the performance of financial assets like stocks and bonds, or business portfolio, or any investment.
  • Business Valuation We prepare a business valuation report to estimate the economic value of the business, that can be used to analyze the price the financial market participants are willing to pay to bring an impact of a sale of a business.

Market Risk Management Benefits at BOP

Market risk analysis at BOP is offered to the clients along with certain benefits as below:

  • Get useful market risk analysis report and become more profitable
  • Get better actionable insights based on the historical financial data
  • Get a detailed market report on risk position, changes in interest, and exchange rates due to the significant global events, recessions, etc.


Transform Data into Effective Market Risk Analysis to Make Informed Decisions

The market risk research is a statistical risk management method that gives s clear picture of the potential probability of loss of stock and portfolio. The market risk analysts at BOP offer the best reports, investment research that help companies to make better investment decisions. We would prepare an accurate report with in-depth insights based on historical financial data. Contact us for more information, discuss your project requirement at large and avail our outsourcing benefits.