Outsource Brand Research Services

BackOffice Pro (BOP) assists research agencies with their brand research projects by taking charge of the time-consuming data collection tasks, continuous brand monitoring, and end-to-end project management. Well versed with the advanced software tools and research platforms, the brand research services team at BOP helps in translating the online image of a brand into actionable data.

BOP’s team of analysts analyzes collected data to understand the target consumers and provides exhaustive information to develop a detailed launch strategy. Additionally, our research team assists in brand research post product/service launch to help in the brand asset development process. With a flexible engagement model, BOP offers to source its services or analysts periodically or continually based on the client’s requirement.

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BOP’s Brand Research Skillsets

BOP’s research analysts possess several years of experience in working on hundreds of brand research projects.

  • Degrees in marketing, sales, behavioral sciences, business, communications, advertising, and other related fields.
  • An average of 3-5 years of working experience in market research and brand development.
  • Exposure to both qualitative and quantitative analysis, as well as the ability to synthesize inputs from multiple data sources.
  • Expert in developing logic chains of data collection and market monitoring, supporting practical conclusions and recommendations.
  • Experience working with clear KPIs, tracking complex, interconnected metrics.
  • Strong understanding of market research, competitive landscape analysis, customer insight mining, situation analyses, competitive evaluation, SWOT analysis, and brand identity analysis.
  • Adept at deploying and managing quantitative surveys, qualitative research, and providing online research support.
  • Highly experienced in traditional, proprietary, and new research methodologies which allow researchers to unearth data and translate it into compelling insights.
  • Ability to use social platforms as valuable research tools and understanding their importance in successful brand research.
  • Social Intelligence Our skilled analysts pay specific attention to the people and conversations that matter; making sure to carefully track online reputation, penetration, and advocacy.
  • Brand Localization Support We assist our clients in developing strategies based on competitive insights by facilitating a clear understanding of the brand’s target audiences, growth, business opportunities, and technology landscapes.
  • Marketing Campaigns ROI Our market research team monitors the entire cycle of marketing campaigns and accurately tracks the metrics on all media channels including brand awareness, growth, customer responses, etc.

Brand Research Services We Offer

  • Brand and Market Mapping Our teams analyze the relationship between brands and brand characteristics. We identify which characteristics define the brands by plotting multiple brands available in the market on a brand map.
  • Brand Monitoring Research We offer quantitative and qualitative research focused on brand awareness, recognition, relevance, unique value, consumer perception, competitor offerings, brand equity, consumer buying behavior, and brand trust.
  • Marketing Support We at BackOffice Pro offers a wide range of marketing support services including audience segmentation, brand positioning, brand perception, and brand identity research.

Benefits of Outsourcing Brand Research Services to BOP

BOP is committed to providing clients with reliable brand research services they can trust. Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance, and we take every step to ensure complete transparency during every stage of the research process.

Our brand research services offer the following benefits:

  • Continuous monitoring of brand positioning and measures of success ensure key stakeholders have the updated feedback required to form a clear understanding of marketing initiatives.
  • Monitoring, documentation, and reporting of the outcomes of marketing campaigns.
  • By outsourcing to BackOffice Pro, our clients no longer need to concern themselves with maintaining expensive market research infrastructure.
  • As an all-in-one destination, we offer a range of diverse tools and methods, from social media monitoring to focus group conferencing, all of which are put together into detailed reports.
  • Having worked with several brand research agencies across the globe, we bring valuable and varied expertise to each new project.
  • Our services are completely flexible, and we offer FTEs, dedicated teams, and on-demand hourly service.


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