Investment Firm from California gets the best Virtual Employees

FTE for Investment Firm

Client’s Profile – California Based Investment Firm

The client is a buy-side acquisition and searches for the principal investment firm. They have closed 300+ transactions and participate as co-investors. Having invested $4 billion in 70 new investment transactions, they have added $4 billion in revenues in the portfolio. With more than 50 dedicated professionals, the client has a long and successful track record as co-investor. They initiated transactions with 102 private equity firms, which includes 11 unique firms and three corporations.

Challenges in the Project

The challenges that the team faced initially include complex requirements, stringent deadlines, frequent changes in requirements, and availability of the finance analyst. After a detailed discussion on the project, we had a clear concept of the requirement, and we were able to assign our finance analyst with the project.

Client’s Requirement: Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)

The client wanted assistance and have “Full-Time Analysts” to do the secondary research, collecting contact information and verifying, going through the tradeshow lists, cross-checking databases, and entering data into the database, making outbound calls, etc. They came across the BOP website and got virtual employees (FTE) who can carry the Financial Research in the real estate sector.


The Step-by-Step Process of the BOP for the Project

On receiving clear instructions from the client, and with rounds of discussion, we had a better understanding of the deliverables. One FTE was assigned exclusively for the project who worked on Pacific Time to deliver all the output.

Takeaways on the Client’s Part

The client saved costs on resources and premises as they did not hire an in-house team to work for them. They got the benefit of virtual employees. They were highly satisfied with our services and requested for more FTEs.