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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a leading online research services provider and assists market research agencies from the US and Europe with skilled analysts to streamline their activity, increase their reach, and expand their portfolio. Outsourcing to our team of professionals gives our clients the flexibility and scalability they need when dealing with a high influx of online research projects.

Our teams are experts in precise B2B and consumer collection, panel sampling, integrated data solutions, and meticulous research methodologies. With our thorough approach to online research, market research companies partnering with us can rest assured that their clients will be able to make informed, fact-based decisions.

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BackOffice Pro’s Online Research Skillsets

We help our clients gain access to global and local trends by using our extensive range of skillsets:

  • Market analysts with a proven track record in primary and secondary research across a variety of data collection techniques.
  • Knowledge of strategic analysis and report writing skills, with the ability to interpret global macroeconomic factors.
  • Experienced in analyzing large data sets, run extensive checks, and confidently analyze data growth trends.
  • Proficient in using research integration platforms, including collaborative reports and dynamic dashboards.
  • Ability to create effective analytical data visualizations using industry standard software tools including Excel, Tableau, and PowerPoint.
  • Well-acquainted with databases such as Factiva, Bloomberg, Onesource, Thomson Reuters, and others.
  • Market Insights : We provide early-stage research with accurate market insights, assisting agencies in prioritizing their research targets.
  • Online Content Analysis : We gather online company content and analyze feedback, interaction, and engagement for a detailed report on its impact on the target audience.
  • Online Qualitative Research : Our primary and secondary data collection, developed with clients, ensures accurate targeting of audiences.

Online Research Services We Offer

  • Competitor Analysis : We identify direct and indirect competitors, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and strategize to pinpoint opportunities and threats.
  • Social Network Analysis : Our team of analysts explores social structures, assisting clients in the calculation of the social networking potential of relevant online communities.

Benefits of BOP Online Research Service

The benefits of our online research services are multifarious. On outsourcing online research projects Outsourcing online research projects to BOP, organizations can avail our unparalleled quality of service, accurate results, and commitment to timely delivery along with the following benefits:

  • Our internal project management platform ensures that support teams communicate with clients throughout the project process, guaranteeing real-time updates and a completely transparent experience.
  • Our advanced internal ecosystem of data collection and management tools includes industry-leading applications for database creation, analytics, visualization, and data manipulation.
  • Using reliable and accurate online research as a basis for every research project is a reasonable way to build credibility.
  • We blend multiple services under the same project, driving toward thorough and comprehensive results.
  • As the need for flexibility is paramount in the research industry, we scale up our team according to the client’s needs.
  • BackOffice Pro offers high-quality resources and results at a competitive cost.
  • With our flexible engagement models, such as pay-per-hour packages, FTEs, or dedicated teams on a long-term basis, clients can choose the model as per their requirement.


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