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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is the back-office support for global organizations and market research companies to outsource industry reports requirements. With varied options of engaging market analysts as full-time equivalents (FTEs), we deliver accurate industry insights and statistics on various industries such as retail, engineering, telecommunication, technology, consumer products, etc. With ISO standards, quality helps our partners make better business decisions.

As your back-office partner, we are well-versed in transforming the intertwined industry statistics and information into simple industry reports. Contact us to outsource industry reports and hire offshore employees to have better control of your business process.

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Industry Report Service Skill Sets at BOP

The market research team at BOP offers valuable industry insights when you outsource industry reports requirements. The team possesses the skill sets below:

  • Vast experience in conducting primary market research and secondary market research deploying qualitative and quantitative research methodologies
  • Expert in evaluating the market size, market dynamics, risks and barriers, and preparing reports on the competitive and technology landscape, government regulations
  • Adept in packaging and pricing strategy analysis based on competitor analysis, customer segmentation, PEST analysis
  • Highly proficient in assessing the threats and opportunities, buying patterns, consumer behavior, end-customer preferences, the influencing factors
  • Expert in market risk analysis such as incremental risk, credit risk, currency risk, interest rate risk, and counter checking of the market risk parameters
  • Market Sizing BOP deploys “bottom-up-approach” to estimate the potential market size, before launching new products in the same or different geographic regions. We determine the complete target customer profiles, similar products and services, and the market trends.
  • International Market Research We analyze the need, preferences, and the demand of the consumers in the targeted geographical areas. Our report also includes insights into the products, price, location, marketing strategies, and the customers’ perception of the company.
  • Market Entry Barriers BOP analyzes the determines the level of competition in a given industry, bargaining power of the buyers, the bargaining power of the suppliers, industry rivalry, and the threat of substitutes. Our report also records the sources of market barriers.
  • Trend Analysis We analyze the historical and present behavior of the market and the consumer, the dominant patterns in the market. We obtain valuable market insights on the scenario, the macroeconomic environment, and consumer preferences.

Outsource Industry Report Services at BOP

  • Customer Analysis Customer analysis is an inevitable section in a business and marketing plan, and BOP experts identify the target customers, their needs, how your product would cater to their needs, customers’ preferences and a clear understanding of the target market.
  • PEST Analysis Market analysts at BOP offer PEST (political, economic, social, and technological) analysis wherein we assess the major external factors that impact the marketing, sales, operation, and revenue of an organization.
  • SWOT Analysis We provide SWOT analysis to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to the competition, project, business that help companies develop precise project plans and better strategies.
  • Competitor Analysis Besides analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your company, we engage in competitor analysis to identify the potential competitors, their products, strengths and weaknesses, sales, and marketing strategies.

Benefits of Outsourcing Industry Report Requirements to BOP

You get the benefits below by outsourcing industry reports to BOP:

  • Know the industry performance to predict how well your business can perform in a specific geography
  • Cognize the economic, social, cultural factors that influence the industries in the various region to build marketing strategies
  • Understand the market position and trend accurately to position your brand/product
  • Identify the potential market threats and opportunities to catalyze growth in your business
  • Know about the key players in the market in various regions to make better business strategies


Get Accurate Custom Industry Reports from BOP with Detailed Industry Insights

Organizations depend on industry reports to understand the key influencing factors and market components. The accurate reports from BOP offer deeper insights that help make better strategies for new market entry, product launch, marketing, sales and advertising, channels for distribution, and more. Irrespective of the industry, we produce custom industry reports based on your absolute requirements. Contact us to know how to outsource industry reports to the BOP.