Financial Research Outsourcing

As a research services partner, BackOffice Pro (BOP) provides customized, quick, and result-driven information and analysis services when clients outsource financial services to BOP. BOP works as your offsite knowledge process partner and offers invaluable insights that are based on detailed analysis gathered through in-depth financial analysis. Helping leaders across business segments worldwide, BOP’s professional team of financial research experts helps in quick and result-driven decision-making, which in turn ensures an augmented profit and reduced risks.

When it comes to hiring skilled research experts, it proves highly expensive since it is not one of the core areas for many enterprises, and BOP bridges that gap when a company outsources financial services to us without having to spend a fortune on it. Allowing clients to focus on core business areas, BOP is one of the most trusted financial research companies and works as a research partner when you outsource financial analysis consulting to us.

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BOP’s FinancialResearch Skillsets

BOP’s financial analysts are handpicked from top universities and institutes and offer the following skill sets.

  • Graduate degree in Finance, Banking, or Consulting
  • Understanding of latest research and analysis trends
  • High proficiency in using Excel for preparing financial models
  • Hands on experience in financial analysis and modeling
  • Understanding of financial laws, rules, forex market and regulations
  • Knowledge in prioritizing tasks and a sharp mind to work on complex financial projects.
  • Business Research BOP’s professional financial analysts, provide business research across a wide spectrum of business-related subject areas that enable clients to uncover highly invaluable data.
  • Credit Research BOP evaluates all credit opportunities along with risks and possible threats that in turn help investors in making smarter choices.
  • Financial Analysis BOP’s financial analysis services are aimed at providing accurate ROI assessment for enterprise level decisions.
  • Financial Modeling BOP offers financial models to portray the performance of financial assets and portfolio of your company, business or project along with the financial forecast, to help in planning and budgeting.
  • Debt Analysis BOP provides debt analysis to evaluate the relationship between debt and the asset of a company, the long-term solvency, financial stability, need for investment and more.
  • Fixed Income Analysis The fixed income analysis at BOP aims at evaluating fixed income, credit risks, interest rate risk, hedge, debt securities, bonds, etc, for global financial institutions.
  • Financial Risk Analysis We analyze the currency risk, operational risk, credit risk, cash flow statement, currency risk, foreign investment risk etc to predict the financial risks and prevent any catastrophe.

Financial Research Services We Offer

  • Investment Research BOP offers highly comprehensive investment research services that greatly help clients in making the right financial as well as investment decisions.
  • Equity ResearchBOP provides both initiations as well as maintenance research related reports that help both the ‘buy’ & ‘sell’ side with qualitative and quantitative assessments.
  • Business Valuation BOP leverages on a wide variety of market factors as well as projections to come up with the right business valuation that aid in funding and merger and acquisition-related aspects.
  • Sell-Side Research Services Finance analysts at BOP keep a close eye on the stock performance of the companies forecasting the performance along with the sell-side recommendations.
  • Buy-Side Research Services We provide both quantitative and qualitative analysis on the buy-side securities, funds, stocks, financial products for various global organizations.
  • Insurance Research Services BOP also provides insurance research services to insurance companies across the world providing reports on market research, products and sales, policy projections etc.

Financial Research Outsourcing to Back Office Pro and Reap Unmatched Benefits

BOP is a highly focused financial research company with the ability to scale up to meet growing market research requirements. Working along with clients’ in-house specialists, BOP helps make smarter and more profitable business decisions. Looking at higher ROI for clients, BOP offers a highly efficient as well as self-functioning team that offers investment research services without any handholding and yields better financial decisions.

BOP offers the following benefits

  • ISO certifies quality process to ensure all research and analysis projects are taken up with the right kind of approach and is thoroughly systematic.
  • BOP offers assured productivity with less investment by hiring the right kind of skills required for a project.
  • The global location allows BOP to be available 24*6 to respond to client queries and this also allows the financial analysts to have a greater idea about the local financial market and regulations.
  • Highly secured research labs to ensure client data is safe at any point in time.


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BOP uses the latest techniques for research and analysis and trains the financial analysts at regular intervals to ensure enhanced services to its global clientele. Contact BOP today for more information on financial analysis services.

Contact BOP today for more information on financial analysis services.