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As a leading provider of equity research services worldwide, BackOffice Pro (BOP) works with both buy-side and sell-side firms. Our typical clients are large enterprises and investors. Our equity research services are designed with efficiency and accuracy in mind so that our clients can gain insightful information and value from our research. The main goal at BOP is to maximize our client’s ROI in equities through in-depth research.

Being a leading equity research firm comes with a lot of responsibilities but rest assured that we’re prepared to meet and exceed all expectations, as attested to by our clients. Our high-quality, accurate, and detailed reports combined with superior governance and flexible engagement plans will ensure that you have the tools needed to make your next acquisition decision with confidence.

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Equity Research
Services Offered by BOP

BOP offers a wide range of equity research services to investors.

Company Research

Our expert research analysts provide a detailed analysis of the company and sector in order to provide clients with valuable insights. This information allows business leaders and investors to make informed decisions like allocation of funds, private investments, and mergers, based on high-quality, meaningful strategic information.

Sector-Specific Research

Our teams put together a detailed report that focuses on specific trends and competition in the industry so that business leaders can gauge the value of a potential acquisition. We provide insights into the market conditions, politics, economics, social trends, and technological innovations in specific sectors, highlighting potential opportunities and threats.

Company Valuation

Develop forecasts based on the valuation of the company with BOP’s company valuation research services. Our experts utilize all information related to valuation to arrive at the company’s valuation and forecast its performance over a period of time and in different scenarios, to give investors an idea of the potential value of a company.

Technical Analysis

Evaluate investment opportunities through the analysis of statistical trends. We pull this information directly from data related to trading activities like price volume and movement. Technical analytical reports allow clients to evaluate investments, see price trends, and patterns so they can make smarter business decisions.

Earning Analysis

Our financial experts develop detailed financial models that serve as tools to help clients make acquisition decisions. Two types of analytical reports are provided – top-down and bottom-up forecasting models. Top-down models will detail the size and growth of a company to predict future market shares. Bottom-up models provide detailed earning analysis information like sales, customers, and revenue forecasts.

IPO Grading

BOP’s financial experts research and report on a company’s credit rating to provide clients with an assessment of a company’s fundamental financial status in relation to other securities. IPO grading is used by clients in conjunction with valuation and earnings analysis to forecast a company’s future value.

Corporate Restructuring Report

Our experts provide an in-depth analysis of a company’s performance and ability to restructure, which eliminates financial crisis. Debt financing and operation reduction are two of the most common models shown to investors through our reports. Our goal is to provide the necessary data to clients to forecast how a change in structure might affect the company.

Skill Sets of Equity Research Analysts at BOP

BOP has set up a team of highly skilled professionals adept at equity research. Our resources have the following skillsets –

  • Graduate and postgraduate degrees and diplomas in finance, accounting, business and consulting
  • In-depth experience of working in the equity domain
  • High proficiency in using sophisticated tools and models for preparing equity reports and presenting the analysis in an easily digestible format
  • Detailed understanding of the trends related to equities, finance, IPOs and regulations that are critical for conducting thorough and meaningful research

Why Work with BOP

  • BackOffice Pro is one of the top equity research companies in the world and has developed a seamless approach to integrating with our client’s teams in order to provide valuable equity research services.
  • With accuracy being the core principle in this approach, BOP is able to deliver flexible research models and provide a heightened glimpse into the value of a company.
  • All of our services are built in a way that helps investors improve their investment portfolio and performance. Our experts do this by providing in-depth equity research.
  • All of BOP’s analysts have an extensive practical and academic background in business administration and finance. Therefore, they understand how to use proven financial, business, and statistical methodologies to deliver highly accurate market research, investment research, and forecasting models so that our clients are able to gain smart, actionable recommendations.

Additional Information

Pricing & Engagement

BOP has teams and resources dedicated to providing equity research services, allowing us to offer flexible prices.

Quality Systems

All research processes have been developed using a quality-first approach to guarantee ISO 27001:2013 standard quality assurance

Project Security

Non-disclosure agreements and cutting-edge security tools guarantee the security of our client’s data.

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