Florida based Investment Bank Raises Funds Successfully with Precise Financial Modeling Service

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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is one of the best companies providing financial modeling services to various companies, startups, public and private sector companies, investment banks, corporates. The financial analysts at BOP evaluate the financial performance of the clients based on the historical data, investments, debts, financial assets, and liabilities and create accurate financial models.


Meet the Client – Florida Based Investment Bank

Headquartered in Florida, the client is a renowned investment bank. The company was conceived to support the difficulties in capital faced by entrepreneurs, such as current market hurdles for hedge funds, alternative investments, equity groups, or private debts. The client focuses on developing relationships with their customers like the catenary curve.

Providing end-to-end investment banking services, the client is a mezzanine, traditional in providing complex debt financing, assets and business acquisitions, debt financing, joint ventures, and more. The client is avant-garde in catering to their customers’ financial needs, supporting, connecting, and navigating through the proper channels to direct capital to the business.

Objective of the Financial Modeling Project

The client had a target of raising $15 million VD funds and $88 debt capital for their client. Therefore, they were looking to get precise financial modeling with seven years forecast.


Country :


Volume :

7 years forecast

Model :

Discounted Cash Flow Model

Client’s Challenges with the Financial Modeling Requirement

The client wanted financial modeling, investment research, and analysis through their historical data. They also wanted to make 7 years forecast, Discounted Cash Flow model (DCF) for Pre-money for raising $15 million VD funding and raising debt capital of $88 million. They held hands with BackOffice Pro and got the best financial modeling along with trading and transaction comparisons.

Custom Process from BOP to Support the Financial Modeling Need

The BOP team devised a step-by-step approach to prepare the financial model. We evaluated all historical data and validated the projection based on the industrial data. The sales forecast was done. An estimation for market penetration was done based on the expectation of the management of the company and its manufacturing capabilities. We made the transaction and trading comparisons, and finally, the financial modeling to raise debt capital was sent to the client.

While modifying the model, we came up with some technical issues. The gross profit for MLS base revenues is 45%, and the gross profit for additional revenue is higher by 87%. Therefore, we had two sets of COGS/Gross Profits for MLS – base revenues and three other additional revenue streams.

Financial Modeling Project Takeaways

The client was highly satisfied with the investment analysis and financial modeling delivered with accuracy. Based on our expertise and timeliness, the client signed up with us for a long-term project.

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The financial analysts at BOP transform the market hypothesis into accurate numerical forecasts to help the clients analyze and improve the financial performance. Contact us today to know more about our financial modeling services and how we can extend our support in your business requirements.

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