Financial Analysis Outsourcing to BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro’s (BOP) global team of expert analysts assists research companies in determining business financial information regarding the profitability, efficiency, liquidity, and stability of their clients. Acting as back-office support, our in-depth financial analysis services address key economic concerns, helping businesses to make smarter decisions to minimize expenses and grow their bottom line.

We help research companies who outsource financial analysis requirements to us with the skilled resources and end-to-end project consultations. We enable our clients with in performing accurate financial analysis and collating and cleansing data to prepare regular as well as ad-hoc reports.

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BOP’s Financial Analysis Analysis Skillsets

Our team is equipped with extensive knowledge and first-hand experience in financial analysis techniques. We can quickly identify the economic pattern of a company and help them develop the right financial strategies required to succeed.

BOP’s team members boast some of the most extensive skillsets in the industry, including:

  • BS/BA degrees in Finance, Accounting, Economics, and similar disciplines.
  • Expertise in using large-scale data mining, business intelligence tools, and financial reporting tools, such as SQL, Power BI, MS Access, Great Plains, MS Dynamics, Essbase, Cognos, R, SAS, SPSS, Tableau, Oracle Hyperion, Sisense, and Adaptive Planning, etc.
  • Experience in supporting various businesses in need of financial analysis, including budgeting, accounting, investment banking, investment memo and corporate finance.
  • Analytical experience related to forecasting, modeling, data interpretation, reporting, comparative analysis, variance analysis, and root-cause analysis.
  • Well-versed in advanced analysis techniques including vertical, horizontal and historical analysis, ratio analysis on liquidity, activity, leverage, profitability, trend analysis, solvency analysis, financial risk analysis and return-on-equity.
  • Knowledge of debt sculpting, debt sizing, cash waterfalls, and integrated cash flow modeling.
  • Working knowledge of complex financial calculations (IRR, ROI, COC, etc.).
  • Excellent understanding of Financial Statements and industry standards, such as IFRS, IASB, GAAS, SFAS, and GAAP.
  • Revenue Management and Recovery

    We assist with the recording and analysis of analytics that predict both organizational and client behavior at macro and micro levels. Our expert accounting professionals have a keen eye when it comes to identifying inaccuracies or missing documents.

  • Cash Management & Forecasting

    We provide accurate and detailed financial forecasts to project EBITDA growth. Our teams are equipped with the skills required to develop annual budgets for businesses and to monitor budgeted versus actual results on a quarterly or monthly basis. We monitor cash flow by analyzing cash flow projections to ensure that the business in question does not run out of cash.

  • Quantitative Analysis

    Our team offers a wide range of quantitative analysis based on financial data. This includes analysis of financial statements, DCF Analysis, WACC Analysis, Revenue and Cost Analysis, Expense Analysis, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Analysis, Invoicing and Billing Analysis, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet and Profit, Sensitivity Analysis, IRR Analysis, Financial Ratio Analysis, Financial Performance Management, and Loss Statements Analysis.

Financial Analysis Services We Offer

  • Management Accounting

    We focus on highly confidential internal financial reports for the exclusive use of top management within an organization. This includes Balance Sheets, Net Financial Position, Profit & Loss Comparison, Sales Forecasting Reports, Budget and Forecast Evaluations. Additionally, we also take care of Comparative Analysis, Feasibility Studies, Merger and Consolidation Reports.

  • General Ledger Accounting

    We make sure that all account entries are accurate. This guarantees our clients a simple, clean, and clear accounting process. Our general ledger accounting services include Ledger Accounting, Payroll Processing, Period-end Closure of Books, Lease, Purchase, Loan And Dividend Journals, Processing of Stock Movement, Disposal and Depreciation, and Ledger Reconciliation.

  • Cash Flow Analysis

Benefits of Financial Analysis Outsourcing to BOP

Our financial analysis services offer a variety of end-benefits:

  • We make the outsourcing project more valuable over time by increasing productivity and developing automated applications and processes.
  • BOP works well with cross-functional teams including sales, development, customer service, inventory, and fulfillment, offering real-time support on financial analysis.
  • We strictly adhere to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and international principles and standards.
  • With access to industry-leading software tools and a team with cross-industry expertise, we are more effective and cost-efficient than internal teams.
  • We have a strong adherence to ISO quality standards, and we strictly follow data security and confidentiality guidelines.


BackOffice Pro’s financial analysis support services can help improve the level of service you provide to your clients. Contact us today to determine how our financial research team can assist you in getting the required insights to take information-driven business decisions.