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BackOffice Pro (BOP), is a leading financial risk analysis firm in India providing financial risk assessment to various organizations with a quantitative risk analysis approach. The finance analysts at BOP are experts having a conceptual understanding of the different factors contributing to the macro level. We evaluate the potential threats such as liquidity risk, credit risk, operational risk, etc. that help companies to recognize, analyze, and predict risks and plan accordingly to avoid financial catastrophe. Outsource financial risk analysis services to the BOP to know about the financial viabilities surrounding your business.

With a detailed and precise quantitative approach, we analyze the cash flow statements, currency risk, foreign investment risk, equity risk, regulatory risk, speculative and asset-backed risk. Our finance risk analysts identify the factors affecting the market and prices, economic indicators, new regulations impacting the company, and more. Contact us to discuss your financial risk analysis services requirements in detail.

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Financial Risk Assessment Skill Sets at BOP

As a top financial risk analysis firm, we contribute financial risk management to various business with the following skillsets:

  • Expert in analyzing financial risks including credit risks, liquidity risks, operational and regulatory risks
  • Dexterous in debt analysis, cash flow analysis, financial analysis, business valuation
  • Proficient in calculating risks associated with transactions and identifying the risk severity
  • Experienced in monitoring and forecasting market trends and make recommendations
  • Strong knowledge of currency risk, foreign investment research, and equity risk analysis
  • Proven skills in Excel and financial risk analysis methods like the value at risk (VAR), regression analysis and scenario analysis
  • Credit Risk BOP financial risk analysts provide credit risk analysis to identify the risk of debt and non-payment on credit. We help lending institutions to understand the lost principal and interest amount, a fresh take on the cash flow, the rising collection costs.
  • Liquidity Risk We offer liquidity risk analysis, which involves the assessment of the volatile market, the capacity of firms to pay off debts, and the feasibility of the buying and selling of securities and assets. Our report helps the clients to understand the possibility of defaulting on debts, thereby harming the stakeholders.
  • Operational Risk As an integral part of financial risk analysis services, we analyze the operational risk of companies that are caused by the actual losses, or inadequate funds, failed internal process, impacts of external events, people, and systems.
  • Currency Risk BOP currency researchers identify factors like interest change, shifts in monetary policies, economic indicators and conflicts, currency markets and the price movements, calculate the value of a currency, and assess the volatile foreign investment risk.

Outsource Financial Risk Analysis to BOP

  • Cash Flow Risk We create both the cash flow statements and the net worth to analyze the cash flow risk of a company. We take all resources and liabilities into concern while analyzing the cash risk flow to determine the financial situation of the company.
  • Asset-backed Risk BOP experts analyze the volatility of the asset-backed securities and the change in their values. We assist financial institutions in determining the income stream from prepayment possibilities and the changes in the rates of interests.
  • Foreign Investment Risk As a part of financial risk analysis, we also offer foreign investment risk analysis wherein we identify the risk of losses while investing in foreign countries. Overseas investments include equities of international companies or an entity that is not based in the same region.
  • Equity Risk Equity risk involves holding equity in a particular company. BOP financial risk analysis services experts analyze equity risk, including the purchase of company stocks, equity against the return on the purchased equities.

Benefits of Financial Risk Management Services at BOP

BOP, as a top financial risk analysis firm in India, with a pool of skilled and experienced experts, provide financial risk analysis services to the clients with the following benefits:

  • Maximize the financial opportunities of the business by acting proactively to the investment scopes
  • Identify the predetermined risks in the financial markets and plan accordingly to stay ahead in the competition
  • Strategize for continuous business growth with our financial risk analysis despite potential risks
  • Measure the debt-to-capital-ratio and understand the total capital structure of your company


Assess the Financial Risks of your Business to Sustain with Growth

Financial risk analysis helps in a detailed look into the company’s potential problems which could be encountered in the daily operations. BOP engages in comprehensive financial analysis, debt analysis, cash flow analysis. We also assist in identifying the financial market conditions, legal benchmarks, credit, liquidity, and operational risks, and strategize to handle them while avoiding hazards, prioritizing tasks, eliminating negative impacts and dissipating the risks. Contact us to understand how you can outsource financial risk analysis services to us so that you can proactively manage your business risks.