Investor from Australia Devised Effective Investment Strategy with Accurate Financial Modeling and Research

BackOffice Pro’s Financial Modeling

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a significant financial research and financial modeling service company in India supporting the financial analysis requirements of global companies, investors, venture capitalists, investment banks, organizations, and more. We are highly trusted by our clients owing to or expertise and a decade of experience in serving the business needs.


The Objectives Behind Financial Modeling Requirement

The objective of the project was to:

  • Performing financial research on companies from various countries.
  • Creating financial analysis and modeling based on the data points.

Meet the Client - An Investor in Australia

The client is an individual investor based in Australia, also a serial entrepreneur. He invests in several companies from different industries to facilitate fund availability for the companies.





Stock Data Analysis

Client’s Challenges Before Availing Financial Modeling

The client was looking to partner with a company who has in-depth knowledge and understanding of financial modeling and research, and stock analysis. They got in touch with BOP and convinced by our expertise, they signed up with us and received the best assistance.

Financial Modeling Service from BOP

Once we understood the requirements of the client, we collected the data points ranging between 2003-2007, on the stock including information on the industry sector, the country of Domicile, country of incorporation, country of primary listing, etc., along with the additional data points such as stock volatility, Sharpe ratio, Sortino ratio. If these data were not readily available, we calculated those. We also collected the ESG data points such as Sustainalytics rank, ESG disclosure score, RobecoSAMTotal Sustainability Rank, etc. and also worked on companies from different countries. After all the financial research was done, we did the data analysis and created financial modeling to cater to their business requirements.

Results of Financial Modeling Services from BOP

  • The client gets a 40% price benefit.
  • Received accurate financial modeling
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