Outsource Business Valuation Services to India

BackOffice Pro, an outsourcing company in India, provides business valuation services to investment bankers, business transfer agents, around the globe. We are a reliable option for you to meet your business valuation service requirements at times when your internal teams need additional back-office support.

We enable business owners plan a bid on another business, take in a new investor(s) or help them in selling the shares in the business with an accurate business valuation. We deliver results quickly, helping organizations make better-informed investment and business-related decisions.

Our skilled business valuation professionals assist in quantifying and articulating value for taxation, financing, transaction, litigation, and strategic management purposes. Outsource business valuation requirements to BackOffice Pro to get accurate business valuation reports.

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Business Analysis and Valuation Expert Skill-sets at BackOffice Pro

At BackOffice Pro, offer the following highly sought-after skill sets:

  • Financial advisors with tertiary qualifications such as MBA and CFA.
  • Well-versed in carrying out industry, market, and competitor research.
  • Highly skilled in designing financial models that are presented for acquisitions.
  • Experienced in making use of discounted cash flows; approaches to the market; transaction approach analyses;
  • Experience in reviewing equity and debt securities in hedge funds; private equity funds; as well as business units.
  • Well-equipped with relevant approaches and theories to perform valuation analysis on a number of public and private entities.
  • Well-versed in evaluating businesses, intangible assets and buying price allocations.
  • Skilled in evaluating goodwill and long-lived asset impairment.
  • Experience in supporting a company's value for bidding or asking price plans, and for litigation, financial analysis, and research.
  • Knowledgeable in regulatory, accounting, and taxation matters.
  • Experienced in financial modeling that is used to put a value on the common stock, business entities, and intangible assets.
  • Highly capable of analyzing ratios and trends, as well as: applying the APM model; CCAPM; APT; cultural due diligence; and performing Initial Public Offering (IPO) studies.
  • Auditing Services Our skilled team is well equipped to provide you with audit support, including the development of process cycle memorandums and providing supporting documentation and financial records to ensure you are in line with industry regulations.
  • Forecasting Possible Financial Scenario Done through ‘Scenario analysis’ it refers to the process of examining and evaluating possible favorable and unfavorable events that could take place in the future impacting the company in terms of business or cash flow. We can help you with business scenario analysis.
  • Capital Asset Consultation We provide the best practices in Capital Asset Advisory services, including asset management, comprehensive financial planning, financial assessment, and retirement planning.
  • Portfolio Valuations To fund managers, limited partners, shareholders, beneficiaries and holding companies, investment analysis is a key part of maintaining a successful investment portfolio, and investment memo. BOP offers periodic assessments and calculations of “net asset value” (NAV) and comprehensive portfolio valuations.
  • Start-up Valuation If you need to raise capital for your start-up, you need to determine how much the company's worth. BackOffice Pro can assist you with a valuation for your start-up.
  • Financial Statement Analysis Our financial team evaluates the volatility and stability of income and cash flow by performing a detailed analysis of current and historical financial statements.

Business Valuation Services BOP Offers

  • Evaluate Corporate Transactions At BackOffice Pro, we specialize in synergy analysis for M&A modeling, validation of models, calculation of optimal debt and equity, LBO, and DCF modeling, preparing pitch presentations, and completing memorandum information.
  • Transaction Valuation & Compliance Obtain compliance reviews of your tax structure, goodwill impairment, purchase price allocation in addition to other reporting standards. Our team of compliance experts is highly skilled at evaluating the compliance of the transactions occurring in the business.
  • Tax Advisory Count on our dedicated team of tax professionals to research and advice on tax-related issues such as the valuation of tax, estate, and gift taxes, the valuation of inheritance tax, restructured tax valuation as well as the impact of tax on charitable contributions.
  • Analyzing Structured Finance Our team can assist any company with complex structured finance transactions. In addition, we also business valuation services for structured instruments such as mortgage-backed securities and collateralized debt obligations.
  • Compensation Valuation We, at BackOffice Pro, are highly skilled in evaluating compensation such as employee incentives, compensation plans, performance-related rewards as well as profit sharing.
  • Intellectual Property Our legal team can assist you with all your outsourced intellectual property needs such as appraising trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, brands, and service marks.
  • Valuation of Real Estate BOP, with highly skilled experts, offers real estate valuation including sale-leasebacks, lease financing valuations, financial reporting valuations, and purchase price allocations.

Benefits of Outsourcing Business Valuation Services to BOP

At BackOffice Pro, we offer specialized knowledge in business valuation to our clients. This means that you can expect the following benefits when working with us:

  • Have a Better Handle on Company Assets Get the best business valuation assessment and calculations accurately. BackOffice Pro offers the precise calculations you need from a business valuation so that you know how much you need to reinvest into the company and how much you can sell their company for and still turn a profit.
  • Know The Accurate Resale Value of The Company BackOffice Pro, enables you with the calculations of the exact profit margin. Before you start the process of selling your company, you need to know what the value of the organisation is.
  • Be in a Better Position During Mergers and Acquisitions In case of merger and acquisitions, BackOffice Pro empowers you with all the information about the value of the whole company helping you to conduct meaningful negotiations with the conglomerates and arrive at a mutually beneficial deal.
  • Broaden Your Pool of Investors When you are looking for investors, you must know how much the company is valued at. With BackOffice Pro’s business valuation services, you can showcase the potential growth with the investment, hence attracting more investors.


Outsource Business Valuation Processes to BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro is a global outsourcing partner for several organizations. We are highly efficient in business analysis and valuation. If you are looking to sell your company, or bid on another, outsource your business valuation process, small business valuations, or online business valuations, to us to make a better decision related to your investment and business.

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