A Capital Advisory Firm in New York Managed their Financial Book with Precise Financial Research

Financial Research at BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro (BOP) provides a customized and precise financial research service to various companies, financial advisory firms, investment banks, organizations. Our in-depth financial analysis helps our clients to overcome their financial research obstacles and have a clear financial picture to accomplish their business objectives strategically. We are trusted by our clients owing to the precision, the expertise and capability to provide financial analysis for all businesses across from different industries the world. We dedicate our time for a detailed analysis for the company’s financial position.


Meet the Client: A Capital Advisory Firm in New York

The client is a buy-side consulting firm providing advisory services to private equity firms, corporations, organizations of all sizes. They provide consultation to maximize the stakeholder value. They also offer deal sourcing, diligence, structuring, execution, consultation in the post-transaction phase to the management teams, private companies, independent sponsors.

Objective Behind the Financial Research Requirement

The aim behind the financial research is to:

  • Perform financial analysis and modeling
  • Analyze the credit requirement






Challenges for the Client Prior to BOP’s Financial Research Solution

The client was finding it difficult to analyze the debt amount, collateral valuation. They wanted to partner with a company that is an outsourcing company that possesses expertise in financial research, analysis, and modeling. BackOffice Pro matched their criteria, and they immediately hired us to work on their requirement.

Financial Research Solution from BOP

After we received a clear briefing from the client, we studied the asset-based loan revolving the credit facility of the firm to analyze the debt amount, the amount of collateral that is eligible for accounts receivable A/R. We referred to then short-term loan functionality, which was built into a model and found out the role of term debt. The client was pleased with our precise financial analysis.

Result Obtained from the Financial Research Service from BOP

  • The client successfully maintained the financial books of the company
  • They received a precise analysis of their debts
Financial Modeling CTA

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As a renowned financial research service provider in India, BOP supports global companies across all industries in their financial research initiatives. Our report includes financial research insights on financial risk analysis, business valuation, cash flow analysis, financial statement analysis, fixed income analysis, debt analysis, and so on. Contact us to know how we can assist you in your financial research requirement for your business and plan your business processes based on your financial research report.

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