Outsourced Financial Modeling Services

BackOffice Pro is a global outsourcing partner providing financial modeling services to investment banks, corporates, public and private sectors, and startups companies. We help companies and businesses to evaluate their financial performance based on their historical performance, their investment, and the performance of financial assets or portfolio concerning the competitors. In other words, we perform asset pricing or corporate finance with a quantitative approach, creating an appropriate financial model.

BackOffice Pro experts translate hypotheses on market behavior into numerical predictions, forecasting the future financial performance of the company. Whether you want a three statement model, discounted cash flow model, budget model, forecasting model, merger model, option pricing model and more BOP is here to assist. Contact Back office Pro today and outsource financial modeling service to India to get an accurate financial analysis report.

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Skillsets of Financial Modeling Services at BackOffice Pro

Financial analysis outsourcing at BOP exerts the best knowledge and skills to help clients with financial modeling services. Take a look at the skillsets:

  • Possess a strong foundation of accounting, Profit, and Loss analysis and generates reports that identify cost savings or revenue opportunities
  • Expert in developing complex financial models and evaluating the portfolio of companies and global investors
  • Adept in calculating revenue requirements, net present value, customer bill impact
  • BOP team is an expert in financial planning and financial statement analysis assisting the clients in managing their company’s business goals
  • Highly experienced over decades in Financial Plan & Analysis, budgeting and forecasting on corporate finance, investment banking, etc
  • Extremely proficient in performing financial data analysis and provide inputs either graphically or statistically
  • The team at BOP is seasoned in providing analytical, forecasting, reporting, investment analysis
  • Adroit in financial reporting, cash-flow analysis, advises on financial decision making, budget management, balance structure analysis
  • Advanced knowledge in Excel (Vlookups, network days, SUMIF function, pivot tables)
  • Three Statement ModelBOP finance analysts provide three statement models, including income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow analysis, to get a clear financial assessment that helps in budgeting.
  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model BOP experts create the DCF model based on the 3-statement model, Net Present Value (NPV), helping to ascertain the valuation of a company. We also focus on the weighted average cost of capital of the company.
  • Merger and Acquisition Model (M&A) BOP financial analysts create a merger and acquisition model to help in investment banking and corporate finance. We deal with the complexities of accretion and dilution involved in the merger and acquisition process.
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) Model BOP financial experts assist investment banks and corporates with IPO models to provide business valuation, focusing on comparable company analysis in relation to the questionable assumption of investors willing to invest in the company.

Outsourced Financial Modeling and Analysis Services at BOP

  • Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Model BOP Analyst team prepares a leveraged buyout model creating layers of financing. We create an advanced level form of the financial model for business which requires debt scheduling and cash water flow.
  • Budget and Forecasting Model We deliver a budget model for financial planning and analysis of a business and companies to forecast the budget for the coming years. We create a budget model focusing on income statements on a monthly and quarterly basis.
  • Option Pricing Model BOP team of financial analysts helps in creating pricing deploying binomial trees and Black - Scholes based on mathematical modeling with all the financial data of the company.

Finding Benefits of Outsourcing Financial Modeling Services to BOP

Outsourcing financial modeling services to BackOffice Pro offers certain unparalleled benefits to the clients as below:

  • Get a detailed income statement analysis, cash flow analysis, and balance sheet
  • Get accurate budgeting and forecasting for your business growth and its future
  • Forecast your capital investment, financial risks and allocation needs to prepare for the next levels
  • Get a net worth and correct valuation of the business for merger and acquisition


Grow your Business with BOP’s Financial Modeling and Analysis Services

At BOP, the team of finance analysts strives to manifest accuracy, excellence blended with professionalism. We precisely deliver explicit financial modeling like cash flow model, budget and forecasting model, merger and acquisition model, and more for businesses, companies, and investment banks. We ensure a detailed approach in every step to curtail the unaudited areas of your company finance. Outsource financial modeling service to India and get the best offshoring benefits.

Contact BackOffice Pro today and allow us to compute and create detailed financial reports for your business.