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BackOffice Pro is a leading financial research service provider offering buy-side research on securities, stocks, funds, and other financial products for companies and businesses. BackOffice Pro provides quantitative and qualitative analysis to independent financial research firms, hedge funds firms, equity funds firms, insurance firms, mutual funds, private equity. We also cater to venture capital firms, asset management companies, and pension funds firms while working with large securities or funds.

We help our clients through the life cycle of the capital raising phase and investment phase. Whether you need investment research, financial modeling, business valuation, equity research, or valuation of portfolio, BOP has it all. Outsource buy-side research services to us and get a detailed analysis of equities, asset classes, and fixed income for the existing and new markets.

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Buy-Side Equity Research Skillsets at BOP

Financial analysis at BOP are experts in handling buy-side equity research for companies and business with the following skillsets:

  • Experienced in identifying and analyzing the catalyst events for the stocks or sector under coverage, merger & acquisition (M&A).
  • Highly skilled in performing, equity research and stock valuation analysis and forecasting dividends
  • Proficient in evaluating special situations such as mergers and acquisitions and other corporate actions.
  • Adept in conducting in-depth fundamental bottoms-up analysis and actively manage a given sector
  • Dexterous in performing investment research, financial modeling and financial analysis
  • Investment Research BOP buy-side research analysts, offer investment research services including credit/equity research, financial modeling and valuation, market summary, sector research, database creation, and management resulting in maximization of value while preparing for seeking investment.
  • Return on Invested Capital BOP analysts deliver a return on invested capital (ROIC) reports based on a calculation to ascertain the efficiency of the client's business or company in allocating capital to maximize investments and generate returns.
  • Financial Modeling BackOffice Pro analysts build financial models to support and implement business decisions do contribute towards strategic and insightful information, allowing a business to support their investment decisions.
  • Business Valuation BOP experts offer business valuation services through value reporting, including technical accounting, corporate finance, tax, and strategy, and analyze the report on a broad range of valuation issues.

Buy-Side Research Services that BOP Offers

  • Investor Analysis BOP finance analysts offer investment analysis by evaluating investments, economic trends, industry sectors. We look at the past returns, predict future performance, and assess individual securities.
  • Equity Research We deliver equity research to analyze the financial performance of a business, forecasting both sales and the purchase of the firm's assets, i.e., assets and liabilities in the stock market.
  • Valuation of Portfolio BOP does portfolio valuation to help in the determination of report alternative investments' performance, that is needed for financial reporting, tax compliance, affecting the investment manager's compensation.

Benefits of Buy-Side Reports from BackOffice Pro

While outsourcing buy-side reports to BOP, you get certain benefits accompanied by the services:

  • Get an analysis of lot transactions while minimizing trading costs.
  • Get assistance in analyzing, identifying, and investment opportunities in real-time.
  • Get the best for buy-side analysis and investment for investment firms.
  • Get the most optimal trading advantage through our buy-side market research.
  • Stay ahead of competitors with our buy-side estimates.
  • Get financial modeling on accurate market data to facilitate better investment decisions.


Hire BOP to Get a Detailed Buy-Side Research Service to Grow your Business

Buy-side research involves working with mutual funds, trusts, hedge funds, pension funds while tasking with identifying investment opportunities that improve the net worth of a portfolio. We provide research and recommendations to help the business with their money. Contact us today to outsource buy-side research services and partner with BOP to get customized and high-quality research reports to enhance your business and portfolio.