US Based IT Firm Explores Outsourcing Option to Understand Strategic Priorities and Strategic Theories Post of 9/11

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Objective Behind Secondary Market Research Project

The client aimed to analyze the changes in the strategic theories among the companies' top management after 9/11.

Meet the Client: Leading IT Company in the USA

The client is a leading IT company based in the US. They needed a comprehensive survey on the effectiveness of changing strategic theories to post 9/11 among top management executives. They had decided on outsourcing this function to BackOffice Pro.



Survey of 167 top Management

Requirement of the Secondary Market Research Project

The project involved surveying 165 top management executives, spread globally through the internet. The survey was intended to understand the pertinence of strategic theories and their changing imperatives to understand better management practices post 9/11 in global organizations.

Custom Solution from BackOffice Pro

To reach out to the top executives worldwide, we used both telephonic conversations and online questionnaires. Since we were primarily dealing with theoretical strategic plans, we needed someone with excellent hearing and comprehension skills. Hence, we decided to appoint a team with relevant qualifications. All the members were postgraduates in management and literature.

However, the client needed extensive secondary data along with the primary research. To accomplish this wide-ranging secondary research, we decided to delve into several paid global databases, management reviews, trade, and business journals. This mammoth comprehensive research was then included with the primary analysis.

Secondary Research Outcome

With our extensive research, we produced a comprehensive report that combined both the primary and the secondary sources. The report highlighted the strategy models that are most applicable in the post 9/11 world of today. It also showed how global corporations had changed their strategic priorities.

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