Telecommunication Company from the Bahamas gets the best Financial Modeling Services

Financial Modeling

Client’s Profile – Bahamas Based Telecommunication Company

The client is a big telecommunication company in the Bahamas. With cutting-edge technology and extraordinary services they provide to their customers through their world-class retail stores, they have plans for all types of consumers be it calling, texting or data usage. Aiming to start new days in terms of experience of consumers in telecommunication, they have no contracts, have 600+ network operators in almost 200 countries.

Client’s Requirement: Financial Modeling

The client required financial modeling. They were looking for an outsourcing partner who had the expertise in new product development and could complete the project within the expected deadline.

Challenges BOP faced in the Financial Modeling Project

Initially, the challenges were to understand the requirements; however with kickoff discussions we developed a clear concept on the deliverable expected.

Financial Modeling Company

Tailored Process BOP Followed for the
Financial Modeling

To accomplish the project, we followed the below steps:

  • We started by discussing the details of the project with the client, which gave us a better understanding of the scope of the deliverables.
  • 1 FTE was working on the Bloomberg, Capital IQ to do the financial modeling
  • We delivered the project on time with the complete financial modeling for their new product.

Benefits on the Client’s Part

They received the best financial modeling and saved costs on in-house resources. The client was highly satisfied and looking for a long-term partnership with BOP team.