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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a global outsourcing partner for companies offering debt analysis services. We help companies to find out the relationships between the debt and the company assets while measuring the proportion of the company’s assets in the form of debt. Our finance analysts are highly experienced in checking the long-term solvency through debt analysis. Thus, outsourcing debt analysis services to BOP in India can be a wise decision.

Be is analyzing the financial stability, or evaluation for investment or loan requirement, or measuring assets formation and dependency on debt, and risk analysis, BackOffice Pro is proficient is catering to the clients’ needs. Contact us to discuss your company’s requirements at length and know what we can do for you.

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Skillsets of Debt Analysis Services at BOP

BackOffice Pro team of financial analysts possess vast experience and advanced skillsets. Check out the skills below:

  • Highly experienced in calculating a company’s total debt and financial assets.
  • Expert in preparing, evaluating and analyzing cash flow models for potential loans or investments
  • Proficient in performing debt ratio analysis and assessing the financial strength, assets, and reliance on debt.
  • Skilled in creating a debt service coverage ratio, current ratio, and financial ratio.
  • Identifies and analyzes potential underwriting issues and mitigants associated with potential loans or investments.
  • Adept in Time Interest Earned Ratio analysis, credit analysis, equity research, and business valuation.
  • Debt Ratio Analysis BackOffice Pro’s finance analysts provide debt ratio analysis to companies to evaluate the relationship between the total debt and ten financial assets formed with it and the capability of debt payoff.
  • Debt to Equity Ratio We offer the debt to equity ratio analysis to understand the company’s dependence on debt to form the assets rather than on equity. We also help in analyzing the payoff ability.
  • Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) The experts at BOP provide debt service coverage ratio, a type of financial ratio, to measure the cash flow, total debt, and the debt pay off the capacity of business and companies.
  • Current Ratio We help companies in the analysis of the current ratio or the working capital ratio of companies to ascertain the capability of companies to meet the short-term debts and obligations.
  • Credit Research BackOffice Pro’s experts offer credit research service to the clients to help them analyze the company’s financial position with the help of financial statement analysis focusing on the capital structure and its ability to manage finance.

Debt Analysis Reporting Services at BOP

  • Financial Ratio We provide financial ratio analysis wherein we measure the financial performance of a company complying with the industry standards, benchmarks, industry thumb rules against the internal trends.
  • Time Interest Earned Ratio Analysis BOP experts also proffer time interest earned ratio analysis or the interest coverage ratio to analyze the company’s ability to pay off the interests on their debts. Larger time interest earned indicates higher pay off capability.
  • Business Valuation We offer the analysis for determining the economic value of the business and company that might help in assessing the sales value, partner ownership, taxation, etc.
  • Equity research BOP financial experts help in the extensive research for analyzing the financial performance, assets, and liabilities of the company, forecasting the purchase and sale of the assets in the stock market.

Debt Analysis Reporting Benefits at BOP

Experts at BackOffice Pro extend various services to the clients accompanied by several benefits:

  • Get the best analysis of the relationship between the total debt of your company and assets.
  • Get a measurement of the ability to pay off debts of the company and analyze the need for investment and loans.
  • Get an assessment of the current working capital of the company ant the long-term obligations and solvency.
  • Get an indication of the proportion of your company’s financial assets formed from debt.


Hire BOP to Get Assistance on Your Company Debt Analysis

As a leading financial analysis service provider in India, BOP offers the debt analysis, debt ratio calculations, financial leverages for business and companies. Our clients get a precise evaluation of their overall debt burden and the ability to pay off the liabilities. Avail debt analysis services from BackOffice Pro and get an accurate debt assessment of your company. Contact us today to discuss and know more about our services.