Outsource Fixed Income Analysis Services to India

BackOffice Pro is eminent back-office support to global companies offering fixed income analysis to banks, insurance, pension companies, investors, endowment organizations. We evaluate fixed income, debt securities, bonds, credit risk, interest rate risk, including the buy, sell, hedge, hold, and stay off particular security. Outsource fixed income analysis services to BOP in India to get in-depth analysis.

If there is an extensive fixed income portfolio to be analyzed, or assessing bond valuation, creating a cash flow model, performing, BackOffice Pro is here to support needs to help you achieve your company’s financial goals. We also support yield curve analysis, debt analysis, interest rate risk analysis, etc., Contact us to discuss your exact requirements and how we can assist in helping you derive the accurate report.

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Fixed Income Research Skillsets at BOP

BackOffice Pro finance analysts have vast experience and knowledge of fixed income analysis. Here is the list of skill sets:

  • Expert in managing fixed income portfolios along with our wealth management
  • Proficient in developing position swap strategies for managing fixed income portfolio duration
  • Adept in researching new investment ideas for portfolio consideration
  • Proven experience in recommending improvements in fixed income trading, credit modeling, and monitoring systems
  • Well versed in performing debt security valuation, bond valuation, macroeconomic analysis, credit analysis, etc.
  • Highly skilled in making financial models, interest rate risk analysis, cash flow models, etc.
  • Debt Security Valuation BOP provides debt security valuation services by calculating the payment in schedules to the debt holders, taking the risk of default into concern. We offer discounted cash flow at the estimated bond return or discounting the bond payment at a rate to yield on maturity.
  • Bonds Valuation Back office Pro provides the fair valuation of bonds comprising of the calculation of the present value of the bond and its future interest payments or the cash flow, along with the estimate of the bond at maturity, or its face value.
  • Loan/ Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Model BackOffice Pro experts provide a leveraged buyout (LBO) model where we value the transaction of acquiring a company with a hefty amount of debt. The higher the leverage, the greater is the return on the equity investment of investors.
  • Cash Flow / Financial Modeling We also provide the estimation of the value of an investment based on the projections of cash flow in the future. Our cash flow analysis can be used in investment finance, corporate financial management, real estate development, and patent valuation.

Outsource Fixed Income Analysis Services at BOP

  • Debt Analysis BOP experts, offer debt ratio analysis, to find out the relationship between the total debt of a company with its assets. Our report helps companies to determine its capability of debt pay off and indicating the proportion of financial assets from debt for long-term solvency.
  • Economic Analysis We also provide macro-economic analysis to help our client understand the global interest rates, financial regulations, economic indicators, forex market, and thematic research to make a better decision.
  • Credit Research Back office Pro proffers credit analysis to calculate the creditworthiness of the business and organizations. We add audit, financial statement analysis to evaluate the company’s financial stability when they issue bonds.
  • Interest Rate Risk Analysis BOP’s finance analysts provide interest rate risk analysis to our clients to determine the interest rate risk a bond has, depending on its price.

Benefits of Fixed Income & Credit Research Services at BOP

Fixed income and credit research analysts at BackOffice Pro offers accurate report accompanied with the following benefits:

  • Get access to the robust fixed income and asset coverage for fixed income, commodity markets
  • Get the analysis of bonds, and pricing data to support the investment workflow
  • Get an evaluation and accurate report on the fixed income calculations, convexities, yields, and spreads
  • Get an understanding of the creditworthiness of your company and issue bonds accordingly


Increase your investment Research Coverage with BOP’s Fixed Income Analysis

If your company has a large and complex portfolio of fixed income, BackOffice Pro finance analysts offer an accurate analysis of every investment. Our reports are sure to help you in maximizing the return on a potential investment, taking risks, and tax obligations into concern. Contact us to analyze the performance, characteristics, attribution, and risk of your fixed-income portfolio and get industry-leading portfolio analysis along with all offshoring benefits.