Back Office Pro Helps an IT Company Transit from Manual to Automated Image-Based Bulk Order Processing to Cut Operational Costs

The Client

The client is a multi-faceted service provider with its presence in multiple fields – from application development and maintenance to transformational services, infrastructure management and business outsourcing.

A leading player in the global BPO sector, the client had its presence in over 60 cities. Its annual turnover crossed 30 billion USD.

The client specialized in BPO services with its core services encompassing customer care services, customer relationship services, mail order processing, coupon processing, product order fulfillment, warehousing, and distribution.

The Situation- Business Need

The client was using a manual system for order processing. This proved problematic both operationally and in implementing quality control. They needed an automated system to manage their massive inflow of order processing. The client was also looking for solutions to improve the efficiency, quality and reduce the turnaround time of its operations.

The Challenges

The client’s scale of operation and need for a detailed intervention posed some unique challenges:

  • The client was working with a manual order processing system, which was becoming insufficient with client’s growing scale of operation.
  • The client was handling an enormous bulk of documents – over 2,00,000. This bulk was handled solely through a standalone keying application.
  • The processing was conducted at a number of off-site and on-site locations. This further posed hurdles in consolidating orders, particularly those originating off–site. The difficulty of administrating the scattered locations also affected the implementation of quality control measures.
  • The system was proving to be inefficient and time consuming.
  • The inefficient system had also driven up costs.
  • The image-based order processing system had to take into account the client’s need for maintaining security and tracking.

The Back Office Pro Solution

The challenge to handle and improve a bulk inflow of order processing induced us to look for comprehensive solutions:

  • A dedicated team was appointed to analyze the clients running system so that the most suitable processing system could be identified.
  • A wide-ranging image-based order processing system that converted scanned order slips to images was developed. This could later be smoothly consolidated into a fulfillment system.
  • The new system was automated to facilitate order processing from both on-site and off-site locations with due emphasis on maintaining security.
  • In order to better track mistakes and improve implementation, the new order processing system was put into practice in two phases.
  • In the first phase, all-encompassing system architecture was set up. It ensured the working of all modules. In addition, our order processing module was integrated with the client’s batch processing mainframe application in a smooth manner.
  • In the second phase, we focused on system functionality for back-to-back execution. This included image scanning, data inclusion, workflow infrastructure, perceptive user interface, ICR and implementing a reporting system.
  • All effort was taken to ensure that the transition from a manual to an automated process took place smoothly and with the least hassle.
  • A round-the-clock customer care line for the client was set up.


The Results

Our comprehensive solution brought in results that were fast and record-breaking.

  • The order processing quality was improved by an unprecedented 99.9%. Until date, the client has used our enhanced system to process over 60 million orders.
  • By automating the order processing system, we were able to significantly cut operational costs.
  • Turnaround time was also reduced drastically.
  • Processing efficiency was significantly enhanced, automatically reducing customer-care interactions.