BOP Helped American Professor in PDF to Excel Conversion of 50K lines of Data with 100% Accuracy

PDF to Excel Conversion Project

The Client – US-based Educationalist

The client is a tenured American professor with numerous accolades in their field and several well-received publications in their educational specialist. As a top educational provider and researcher, the client has accumulated a substantial library of archival information that is used to supplement his educational techniques. With plans for ongoing publications, the client wanted to organize and archive their research and academic materials digitally.

Requirements for PDF to Excel Conversion

The client had a wealth of hard copy research papers that they wanted to digitize and convert into excel. The schedule demands of the client's academic career and their growing collection of academia demanded that they partner with a data conversion outsourcing specialist.

The client discovered BackOffice Pro (BOP) through an online inquiry, and after speaking with our customer support team, the client decided to utilize our services due to the following:

  • Capabilities in adapting outsourcing criteria to the client’s academic genre and utilize the appropriate resources to fill in any information gaps.
  • Ability to work with the client’s tight budget and project deadline goals while offering scalable options as needed to accommodate any new additions to the client’s research collection.
  • Ability to work with the client’s extremely diverse language sources in their material, which included Latin and Greek.

Key Challenges that BOP’s Data Entry Team Faced

BOP had to manage a couple of unique challenges while working on this educational based data conversion project:

  • The high volume of the work and the short one-month deadline led to some time management concerns.
  • A vast majority of the information was written by hand, and some of the paper materials had not aged well, making the data difficult for both the specialized scanners and technicians to decipher.
  • As the digitized data would be used in respected publications and online libraries, accuracy had to be an uncompromising 100%.

Additional Value Adds by the BOP Team

  • To help maintain the integrity of the client's proprietary research findings, BOP added customized encryptions to the client's data that would prevent any unauthorized copying or editing.
Research Firm Team

Process Outline for This PDF to Excel Conversion Project

BOP established a concise process for this data conversion project to help overcome the challenges and ensure complete success:

  • Following client consultation, BOP assembled a team of two skilled data conversion specialists to handle this project.
  • The client sent over input in the form of PDF documents that contained 50,000 lines of data and requested that a trial project commence determining BOP’s capabilities.
  • One resource handled the trial project and converted 10-15 lines of data into excel and delivered to the client via Dropbox.
  • The client gave the ok for the full-time project to go ahead, and BOP began programming a specific language format for the original files and creating layouts and graphics for the academic nature of the client's requirement.
  • Image models were developed to organize the original PDF pages, and patterns and elements were refined.
  • A customized Excel system was created, and validation was performed through a quality control lead to ensure quality and accuracy of all the data.
  • The final converted Excel files were delivered to the client via Dropbox.


Project Delivered with 100% Accuracy Meeting the Timeline

BOP successfully converted 50,000 lines of academic and educational data in multiple languages, and the following takeaways occurred:

  • BOP was able to achieve the 100% accuracy benchmark that was requested by the client.
  • The client was highly pleased to receive the completed excel files a day before the completion date and under the 1-month deadline.
  • BOP received a glowing new client recommendation from 1 of the client's educational colleagues and will be working on a similar data conversion campaign.