Data Management Pricing

Data management services can greatly increase the productivity of your business, allowing you to record large volumes of data process that data or mine new information from complex data sets quickly and efficiently. We offer a full range of services with a number of pricing options designed to measure budget and specific data management needs.

Base Data Management Pricing

Data management pricing is based on specific tasks, the scope of each task and other factors including the support and technology deployment needs for your business. The following are base rates. For more specific rates, you should contact us and ask for an estimate.

  • Data
    Basic data entry services starts at $6 per hour, with variation depending on TAT, complexity, technology development, volume and weekend support availability.
  • Data
    As mentioned above, data processing can be affected by a number of factors, with base rates starting at $7 an hour.
  • Data
    Data mining services starts at $8 per hour and pricing can be affected by factors including the number of fields to be mined, specifications and complexity.
  • eCommerce
    Data Updating:
    For e-commerce data updating services, we offer $6 per hour starting rates, with the same factors influencing final pricing.
  • Catalog
    Catalog management services start at $6 per hour.
  • ePub: Pricing for ePub services are based on a number of factors, including the size of the conversion and the types of content being converted. A 300 page book conversion starts at $60 while single page conversions cost $0.15 each. PDF templates cost more at $0.35 per page and if the conversion contains chemical or scientific formulas, the cost $0.40 per page.

Full Time Equivalent Rates

For many of our data management services, we offer full-time equivalent rates. These include monthly fees for full-time service from one of our staff members. Contact us and ask to learn more about full-time equivalent rates for any of the above listed tasks.

Data Management Pricing Matched to Your Needs

If you’re interested in learning more about data management or data management pricing from BackOffice Pro, contact us today and ask to talk to one of our customer service specialists. We offer a full range of services in multiple pricing structures, including bulk discount pricing for large-scale projects.