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BackOffice Pro (BOP) assists clients in the preparation and management of key corporate content for digital dissemination in the HTML format. We make use of a wide range of technological competencies coupled with a broadly experienced team to convert different file types into HTML files. We have designed our iterative internal processes to complement the rapid, accurate delivery of outputs and dynamic team scalability as needed by our clients.

Outsourcing HTML conversion services to BOP ensures that the best quality outputs are achieved on time, every time. Our highly experienced and motivated team utilized advanced conversion tools and software to ensure total accuracy and consistency of results when dealing with word documents, PDFs, design files, etc.

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BOP’s Html Conversion Entry Skill Sets

BOP has over a decade of intensive experience in performing highly detailed HTML conversion services across a wide range of businesses. Our skills include:

  • Well versed with multiple formats including PNG, GIF, PDF, Text, TIFF, SGML, hardcopy, Word, HTML, RTF, CSV, and numerous others.
  • Working experience of cutting edge conversion tools to recognize layouts, templates, lists, tables, code samples, and any other form of informatics.
  • First-hand experience in adding titles, headers, footers, hyperlinks, colors, and other stylistic elements.
  • Experienced in working with universities, colleges, government agencies and large corporate bodies to streamline the capture of manuals, books, documents, and images.
  • Capable of handling complex or large-scale projects.

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BOP’s Html Conversion Services Offered

Our comprehensive service offerings have been built over more than a decade of hand-on in depth industry experience. Our services include:

  • MS Word to HTML We convert Microsoft Word documents into HTML format, optimized for search engine indexing compatibility, and direct customer data access.
  • Hard Copy to HTML Converting hard copy is a resource intensive process requiring super high-resolution scanning capabilities, OCR, top-level analysis, and formatting.
  • MS PowerPoint to HTML Our team converts PowerPoint presentations for use on high-end HTML-5 web-ready formats. We maintain a 99.95% accuracy ranking consistently, thanks to our experienced team, advanced technology, and internal protocols. Our team has the ability to reverse the process, giving our clients access to detailed HTML to PowerPoint conversions as well.
  • PDF to HTML PDF to HTML conversions can be tricky, depending on the complexity of the PDF file in question. The added layers of images, statistics, tables, graphs, photos, and other related media require BackOffice Pro’s elite team of seasoned professionals. We are also capable of reversing the process to deliver HTML to PDF conversion services.
  • PSD to HTML We convert your PSD files into usable, fully translatable HTML files for optimal use online. Our pixel-specific approach enables dynamic results that speak for themselves.
  • HTML Color Conversion Our team enables the switching of color palettes in HTML files, enabling swift, seamless, cost-effective rebranding. We work intelligently to migrate your company from one image to another.
  • HTML to ICADD We transform HTML files into documents that adhere to the strict guidelines of the International Committee for Accessible Document Design’s Document Type Definition. These standards facilitate braille, large print, synthesized voice, and other accessibility features.

Outsourcing Benefits from BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro has built a strong reputation and dedicated following of repeat clients over more than a decade of consistently excellent services. Our clients enjoy a multitude of benefits in outsourcing to BackOffice Pro:

  • Highly Skilled Team Our team is comprised of the best HTML conversion technicians from across the globe, with access to the best technological advances and hardware capabilities. We boast over a decade of experience in data conversion services.
  • Consistent Accuracy BackOffice Pro produces highly accurate results, every time. Our track record for reliability and consistency of delivery have earned us the esteem and loyalty of our repeat clients.
  • Strict Deadlines We adhere to our promised deadlines by making use of our dynamically scalable team sizes and intelligent, iterative internal processes. We pave the way for total accuracy on time, every time.
  • Technological Excellence Our team makes use of the highest quality, up-to-date hardware and software combinations to enhance the quality of outputs and the rapidity of turnaround times.
  • Cost Savings Outsourcing your project overflow to BackOffice Pro saves over 60% compared to standard operational costs. This provides a better profit margin for your business, support for your internal teams, and support when it is most needed.
  • Advanced Security We adhere to international ISO 27001 regulations governing data security and operate on fully encrypted VPN and FTP protocols to guarantee total and consistent data integrity.

Outsource HTML Conversion Services to BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro’s comprehensive, dynamically scalable HTML conversion services are tailored to meet each client’s specific requirements. Our global team of industry leading experts have over a decade of experience in delivering unrivalled outputs in record time. We have grown a reputation for our quality of service to the point where we have a host of loyal clients who call on us at times of overflow. Contact us using the form on our website to get started with your HTML conversion project soon.