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BackOffice Pro (BOP) offers industry-leading XML conversion services, designed to support your internal team during high project influx. BOP’s data conversion specialists ensure seamless manipulation of XML format data, as well as accurate conversions adhering to the required compatibility. Our global team of highly experienced industry professionals ensures that every aspect of your XML conversions is securely handled and delivered in time.

BOP’s team is hand-picked from the best talent in global industries, with a strong reputation for maintaining quality, accuracy, and a transparent workflow. Our team adapts to your business and your procedures to ensure utmost compatibility. Reach out to our team using the form on the contact page of our website to get your project started.

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BOP’s XML Conversion Entry Skill Sets

BackOffice Pro has over a decade of experience in providing exemplary outsource XML conversion services for a wide range of industries across the globe. Our advanced skills include:

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in similar data conversion projects with a graduate degree from any recognized institute.
  • The management team members are regular, reliable, detail oriented to ensure that every aspect of the project remains under control.
  • Experienced in XML conversion projects that incorporate HTML, SGML/XML, VBA, eBook, DITA, NLM, Military DTDs, and all other popular formats.
  • Awareness of global ISO 9001 standards and the most comprehensive internal security protocols including advanced firewalls and encryption.

Outsource XML Conversion Services to Back Office Pro

When you outsource XML conversion services with Back Office Pro, we ensure that every aspect of your project is monitored and optimized. Our services include:

  • HTML to XML We ensure that conversions from HTML to XML are completed professionally, resulting in high-quality deliverables free of bugs and errors. Keyword analysis gives our team the insight required to maximize site traffic.
  • PDF to XML BackOffice Pro converts business’ company data PDFs into XML using advanced conversion technologies. We enable simplified publishing of business data online and elsewhere in XML format.
  • Word to XML Our team manages large stores of MS Word format corporate data, categorizing and converting the information to be accessible online in XML format across a wide range of devices and browsers.
  • Excel to XML Excel spreadsheets are regularly data-dense and contain sensitive information. These include formulae embedded within the Excel sheet. We convert complex Excel spreadsheets into XML format for web compatibility.

Our Testimonials

Outsource XML Conversion Service to BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro is a global industry leader in providing data conversion services designed to relieve pressure on your existing internal teams. We seamlessly integrate with your in-house protocols and procedures to act as an indispensable support structure and additional workforce during times of project overflow or overwhelm. Over a decade of in-depth industry experience has resulted in BackOffice Pro emerging as the authority in providing data management services

Outsourcing Benefits from BackOffice Pro

Back Office Pro is an industry leader in data conversion services, maintaining the highest standards and rate of work. Benefits of outsourcing XML conversion services to us include:

  • Quality Assurance Each project completed by the BackOffice Pro team is of the highest standards, and maintains an accuracy rating of 98%. Our team ensures reliability and consistency in every project.
  • Time-Saving BackOffice Pro operates at a high level of efficiency, allowing you to reduce lead times and the number of iterations required before final approval. We work rapidly and make use of our double-point vetting system that ensures optimal continuity.
  • Cost Reduction We enable reduction of costs across a broad range of competencies. Outsourcing XML conversion services to BackOffice Pro costs less than developing dedicated internal teams and altering your company structure.
  • Data Integrity We continually protect the integrity of your core data, maintaining consistent control of data security. Our team members operate within stringent security protocols and global ISO 9001 requirements.
  • Total Reliability Our team is 100% reliable, delivering on time, every time, and never compromising the quality of our work. Every aspect of our business is designed to be fully transparent.
  • User Friendliness We outsource XML conversion services are designed to reduce the hassle factor for our clients and boost engagement. Our up- and download abilities are streamlined and efficient.

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Outsourcing with Back Office verifies that the entire online data entry enterprise is professional, reasonably priced, and streamlined so that clients receive a superior experience. Contact us today to find out more from our cordial, expert team.