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BackOffice Pro (BOP), is a distinguished organization catering to the global organizations in the IT industry, academic institutions, government organizations with SGML conversion. Our SGML conversions with the right kind of tools help in running the business successfully. We help in managing highly valued files that require interconnection and editing with the precise SGML conversion within budget. Outsource SGML Conversion Services to BOP in India to address the frequent changes and updates to the data.

Whether companies need text to SGML conversion, SGML to HTML, DTD, pagination, excel, book conversions, BackOffice Pro experts deliver quality SGML conversion solutions in different formats. Our SGML conversion formats can easily store a large amount of information, managing it quickly and responsively. Contact us today to discuss your requirement and get assistance from us.

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SGML Data Conversion Skillset at BOP

BOP possess all advanced skillsets and provide the best SGML data conversion service with the following expertise:

  • Expert in structured and semantic markup like clarity, hierarchy, and plain text.
  • Experienced in HTML, XML, XHTML code and conversion
  • Proficient in data conversion, data management
  • Seasoned in performing SGML/XML parsing, maintenance, and formatting following detailed checklists
  • Adept in working with DOCTYPE declaration and Document Type Definition (DTD)
  • Practiced in concurrent (parallel) markup (CONCUR), to linking processing attributes (LINK)

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SGML Conversion Services at BOP

BOP offers a vast range of SGML conversion services listed below:

  • Text to SGML BOP offers text to SGML conversion for huge content documents and data. We can revise the files to any format whenever there is a need.
  • SGML to HTML Conversion We convert SGML files to the easily comprehendible HTML through TagWizard that includes SGML parser for Windows, which is integrated with Word 6.0, making Word an interactive SGML and HTML editor.
  • SGML to DTD BOP experts provide conversion of case sensitive SGML to DTD for markup simplification and minimizing changes declaring attribute types for mixed content model and processing instruction syntax.
  • SGML to Pagination Irrespective of the style, origin, typographic, BOP experts retain all the parameters making the SGML to pagination process accurate, fast, and efficient.
  • SGML to Excel Conversion We provide SGML to excel file conversion for easy accessibility, scanning, and editing of data and conversion to any other formats.
  • SGML to Books SGML to books conversion from BOP sees managing a huge volume of content that could be revised frequently and be printed in different formats. It includes books, journals, encyclopedias, dictionaries.
  • DTD/Schema Design BOP experts provide DTD / schema design, including basic grammar, to define XML documents with metadata that defines the shape of the document.

Benefits of SGML Conversion Services from BOP

The SGML conversion services that BOP offers are combined with various benefits below:

  • Interpret any document with the SGML compiler by referring to its document type definition (DTD).
  • Re-adapt documents easily for using it in other media and encode the full structure and document content
  • Capture the full meaning of the structure and content along with retrieval, display, and navigational techniques
  • Enable text display alteration with the special tag element within an SGML file by the user or the front-end programs
  • The SGML files are well supported by many tools as it is an ISO-standard and is exceptionally flexible.

Get High-Quality SGML Conversion in Minimum Turn-Around-Time

Organizations might want to consider taking up SGML conversion on their own, however, it needs skilled resources, time, and cost worthy. Outsource SGML conversion projects to BOP and get exceptional results from the experts. As an ISO certified company, we are focused on the best quality output for your requirements. Contact us today to talk about your needs and avail of our assistance with our offshoring benefits.