Back Office Pro’s Expertise Helped an Italian e-Publishing Company to Reduce Their Data Conversion (e-Pub) Cost to 50%

The Client

The client is a leading e-publication company based in Italy. The company publishes a wide range of content, including weekly publications.

The Situation- Business Need

As a leading e-publishing house, the client was posed at the enviable position of handling demand that outstripped their capacity. They needed an outsource partner to handle part of its publications. They had decided to outsource their work to an offshore partner. As part of the solution, they had settled on Back Office Pro to handle one of its leading publications.

The Challenges

The client’s brief posed some unique challenges. They needed a fast turnaround, coupled with software development designed to adapt to the fast changing technological scene.

  • The client had an extremely strict timetable and needed a fast turnaround for their weekly e-publication.
  • Strict quality control had to be maintained to ensure their high quality was maintained.
  • With the growing market of mobiles and tablets, compatible versions had to be designed. Customized solutions were found for all major readers like iPad, Kindle, Calibre and iPod.
  • Most of the files were in PDF format. These had to be then converted into xHTML format.
  • The client had very high expectations and was actually looking for a long-term partner with the intention of outsourcing more work in the future.

The Back Office Pro Solution

The client’s unique requirements not only induced us to evaluate our own abilities, but also inspired us to find innovative solutions:

  • To ensure that the client was given the best solutions, an e-Pub specialist on mobile and tablet publishing was hired.
  • The client was provided with a trial run to make sure that our solutions met their expectations.
  • Three more people were recruited and specially trained to handle the volume of work, while maintaining the client’s strict quality standards.
  • Maintaining a strict timetable in keeping with the client’s requirement. This included a narrow window of 8-hour for weekly publication.
  • Adapting and modifying coding according to the client’s feedback.
  • Creating customized solutions through Adobe Reader, MobiPocket, Adobe Digital Editions and Stanza.


The Results

At Back Office Pro, we offered cost benefits, while maintaining the client’s standards on quality and time keeping.

  • Our comprehensive solutions for the client’s came at a cost of $1000 a month. This was estimated to be half or less than the original cost of the project had it been carried out in Italy. In other words, we offered a massive cut in costs.
  • Every effort was made to adhere to the client’s stipulated turnaround time. With a strict timetable, which could be as limited as 5 hours, we were successful in timely completion every week.
  • We were able to meet the client’s stipulations on the quality of our output and all other deliverables. Satisfied with our high-quality of work, we were successful in bagging further projects from the same client.