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As electronic media is continually growing in popularity, and the demand for eBooks is as high as ever, BackOffice Pro’s (BOP) book conversion service can help publishing houses, libraries, and universities. Creating eBooks from existing print editions is time and resource intensive. BOP has perfected the book conversion process and offers to convert book to PDFs, eBooks, and other electronic mediums compatible across platforms and devices.

Book publishers and writers in need of additional creative boost can also leverage the book illustration expertise of our team of book conversion experts. We provide ad-hoc or FTE resources based on the unique requirements of each project and scale our team sizes to match each client’s budgetary constraints, and desired delivery time.

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BOP’s Book Conversion Entry Skill Sets

BackOffice Pro is globally renowned for the quality of work and level of experience of the pool of resources. Our highly experienced team boasts a wide range of book conversion skills:

  • Experience with Publishers Our team members understand the print formats required by significant publication retailers including Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, Kobo, Lulu, Createspace, and more.
  • Expert Knowledge of Print Readiness We can deliver print-ready PDF files that are compatible with Lulu, CreateSpace, and IngramSpark. Our print-ready PDFs can be customized to any specification.
  • Thorough Understanding of eBook Format Compliance We convert books to ebooks and adapt those eBooks to a variety of formats, including EPUB, MOBI, and other less popular formats. Our holistic approach ensures total compatibility with any device.
  • Adept at Conversion Competencies BackOffice Pro is highly experienced in conversions including digitization, design, typesetting, finished art, reproduction, layouts, and graphics.
  • Well-Versed in Export Formats BackOffice Pro’s team can convert eBook formats into external text formats including Word, PDF, OpenOffice, InDesign, Quark, and a host of other famous types.
  • Understanding of Process Management Our team understands the nuances involved with managing complex book conversion projects across any industry. Our dedicated project managers are capable of smoothing the project process to deliver on time, every time.

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BOP’s Book Conversion Services Offered

Our team has been performing high-quality book conversion services for over a decade, utilizing the best equipment and the most experienced team members to deliver optimal results, every time. Our services include:

  • EBook Conversion Any file or layout format can be converted using our proven processes. We work with PDFs, books, Print-On-Demand, eBooks, and various other formats, including exporting these into Word, MOBI, EPUB, iBook, and other popular e-pub formats.
  • PDF Conversion BackOffice Pro can convert source materials into seamless PDF formats. We work with all types of content including text, images, photographs, illustrations, footnotes, tables, and all other formatting queues to deliver accurate, usable conversions.
  • InDesign Conversion Our team has a vast amount of experience in converting in and out of InDesign formats. We take into account the links, fonts, images, files, and other supporting data. We ensure total accuracy in conversions between platforms and formats.
  • Supporting Functionality We cover scanning, OCR, mainline text cleaning, proofing, styling, electronic file conversions, content analyses, and image processing techniques.
  • Children’s Comics & Books Conversion We specialize in fixed-format books such as comics and children’s titles. We develop premium conversions that can be laid over images and otherwise manipulated to deliver the desired effect.
  • Advanced Specific Conversion Services Any device and file format can be delivered, from advanced Kindle formatting, ePIB for NookKids, Kobo, and iBooks, among others. We ensure translatability across all significant eBook devices.

Why Opt for Our Book Conversion Services?

BackOffice Pro makes use of the best equipment and protocols in combination with the best talent in the industry to deliver the highest quality outputs every time. Benefits of working with BackOffice Pro include:

  • Proven Protocols We have spent over a decade refining our processes, team core skills, and equipment to create the highest quality outputs. We pay close attention to every detail, ensuring total accuracy.
  • Premium Equipment BackOffice Pro makes use of the highest quality hardware and software available on the market. Also, we utilize our internal protocols and operational innovation to ensure that optimal performance is always maintained.
  • Dedicated Project Manager Every client is assigned a dedicated project manager to ensure total control over every stage of the project. We dynamically scale our resources to ensure timely delivery.
  • Copyrights & Laws Our global team of industry professionals has over a decade of experience in operating within legal and copyright frameworks. We understand the legal nuances that affect the industry across the globe
  • Spend Control We give our clients the opportunity to adhere to their budgets while delivering the best results. Granting this level of access to our clients creates a trust relationship like no other.
  • Industry Connections Over a decade of experience in book conversion services has enabled BackOffice Pro to emerge as a market leader. We have developed key partnerships within the industry that give us the competitive edge.

Outsource Book Conversion to BackOffice Pro for Excellent Results

BackOffice Pro is an industry-leading outsourcing partner of book conversion services, working with multiple formats and industries. We ensure total accuracy, affordability, and on-time delivery, with our dedicated team of highly experienced data conversion professionals and the most advanced software and hardware available.

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