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At Back Office Pro (BOP), we understand the client’s need to outsource MS Word formatting projects and deliver with accuracy. With over a decade of experience in professional document formatting, our team has all the skills needed to deliver the best quality results. We produce templates, affect formatting cues, and take on standardization procedures to improve the continuity of the image. Back Office Pro removes pressure from your internal teams at overwhelming times or during periods of overflow to enhance productivity, and free up your internal teams to perform their core competencies.

Our data management professionals take your documents to a whole new level of functionality. We ensure that every aspect of the document is optimal, including margins, page numbers, footers, headers, paragraph editing, and more. We work closely with our clients to ensure control and guidance is an ever-present force in the project process. Our fully transparent approach ensures full trust, but also catches potential issues early on.

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BOP’s MS Word Entry Skill Sets

Over the last decade, BackOffice Pro has developed a thorough understanding of the client’s need to outsource MS Word formatting services. We depressurize internal teams to ensure improved performance. Our skill sets include:

  • Highly educated, deeply experienced to offer the all the document formatting services across different industries.
  • Vast experience in handling any reference format including APA and AMA and able to adopt any required reference system, to suit each project.
  • Knowledge of standardized formatting in brand cohesiveness and internal productivity.
  • Knowledge of creating basic design elements using the MS Word SmartArt, objects, text boxes, and image inputs.
  • Knowledge in optimizing page setups in MS Word that includes multiple columns, custom headers, color and font options, page numbering, and all other MS Word competencies.
  • Well versed in document comparison, tracking, and commenting features in MS Word.
  • Well-versed in developing efficient, reusable templates to enhance internal protocols and ensure rapid professional document formatting.
  • Project management experience to oversee progress, communicates with clients, and ensures success.

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BOP’s MS Word Formatting Services Offered

We have over a decade of in-depth experience with providing worldclass MS Word formatting services, including the following:

  • Formatting Our team expertly manages the outsource MS Word formatting of figures, text, layouts, and a wide range of documentation. We optimize your table of contents, file compilations, and ensure consistent correctness.
  • Critical Document Processing BackOffice Pro ensures the cohesive formatting of dissertations, reports, theses, manuals, publications, books, and newsletters. The overall appearance and appeal of your professional document formatting are ensured throughout.
  • Word Processing Detailed word processing capabilities including caption and references, MS Word-based formatting, survey forms and questionnaires, report processing, and more.
  • PDF to MS Word We ensure seamless conversions from PDF to DOC files for full-capability editing of previously static content. Our advanced technologies and broad experience ensure total editability.
  • Vital Documents Our team ensures the tactful handling of CV formatting and high-competency handling of legal documentation, case laws, court reports, and decision files.
  • Proposals & Manuals BackOffice Pro ensures the meticulous creation of manuals, proposals, and bids. We produce useful, relatable graphs, charts, and supporting materials.
  • Branding Ability Working with brands requires respect. BackOffice Pro expertly manages the creation of brand identities including graph, cover designs, diagrams, colors, stylistic notes, logos, and more.

Outsourcing Benefits from BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro delivers industry-leading MS Word Formatting services, combined with our internal values. Benefits of outsourcing your data conversion project overflow to us include:

  • Enhanced Accuracy We operate at a consistent level of 99.95% accuracy. This impressive result is partly due to our advanced internal protocols but mostly is made possible through the advanced skill of our team members.
  • Competitive Rates: We ensure that our services are continuously optimized by price and quality. Our Outsource MS Word Formatting services are always the cheapest, most efficient way to address excess work or highly specialized tasks in your workflow
  • Visual Appeal Our team ensures eye-catching designs, and memorable results, guaranteeing end-user satisfaction and sign off. Our projects are aesthetically and functionally optimized.
  • Driven Delivery Our team delivers on time every time, by continually aiming to complete projects in the shortest possible time frame. We make your Outsource MS Word Formatting project promises our own.
  • Permanent Support We ensure continuous tech support throughout the lifetime of every project. BackOffice Pro is available 24/7, every day of the week. Our Outsource MS Word Formatting services include in-depth support functions.
  • Data Integrity BackOffice Pro prioritizes data security by adhering to the most stringent global ISO 9001-2008 frameworks and maintaining stringent internal protocols.
  • Internal Team Relief BackOffice Pro is the leading provider of business Outsource MS Word Formatting services for industry service providers. We enhance the capabilities of your internal teams during periods of project overwhelm, ensuring success.
  • Technological Excellence We maintain our technology to the most current versions and capabilities on the market while maintaining our team training at the highest level to ensure the best results.

BackOffice Pro Delivers Quality MS Word Formatting Services

BackOffice Pro is all about client satisfaction and building lasting partnerships through consistent delivery of the highest quality outputs. We ensure that every project is completed on time, or before our deadlines. Consistent project management, lengthy experience, and an entirely transparent project environment make for a continually successful, upwardly improving project lifecycle.

Our team is always available to offer support, guidance, and insights. Contact our team using the form on our website for full access to your future successes.