Oldest Furnishing Firm in the US Gets Large Volume of Catalogue Processing Cutting on Operational Costs By 50%

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About the Client – Largest Furnishing Firm in the USA

The client is one of the oldest and largest furnishing firms in the US, with an established nationwide presence in the market and several long-term customers. It also boasts of an extensive network of suppliers.

Objectives Behind the Catalog Processing Requirements

The major goal behind the requirements was to support their in-house data processing team with the large volume of catalog data processing





VPN software, IBM emulator

Challenges for the Client Before Hiring BOP

As a B2C service provider, the client faced the usual problems associated with tremendous growth, particularly in the data processing. Although it employed a team exclusively for this purpose, it was inadequate to handle the massive inflow. This was proving to be a major hurdle since catalog data processing was an essential function. Consequently, they were looking for an offshore partner who could work parallelly with their team.

Custom Solution from BackOffice Pro on Catalog Processing

To solve the client’s demand for better connectivity and data processing, we came up with a custom solution. Our experience in improving connectivity issues helped us to formulate an appropriate plan for the client. We used checkpoint secure remote VPN software and an IBM emulator to connect to the server.

A 10-member team with a project leader was appointed to deal exclusively with this project. They were trained in data processing, particularly in the client’s three-phased process. The client’s very stringent and complex processing requirement took us longer than usual in completing our project. However, we uploaded the content in three stages, scanned and shipped the catalogs via courier, and finished the two catalogs moving on to live runs.

Among the initial challenges we faced were - coordinating and working in tandem with the onshore team, learning the intricacies of the client’s business from scratch, managing the ongoing catalog processing, and completing backlogs. However, with an experienced team, we crossed then hurdles smoothly.

Catalog Processing Takeaways

By solving data connectivity and streamlining their process, we could make a significant impact on the client’s business.

  • The client was able to cut down the costs by 50%.
  • Our speedy solutions helped the client in dealing with their massive scale of processing.
  • Quality checks installed in the process automatically improved overall quality and productivity.
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