6 Lakhs Bank Stock Records of a Famous University in California were Maintained Through Data Conversion

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Meet the Client

Founded in the year 1861, the client is a private university in California offering a wide area of study including law, science and technology, engineering, media and arts, and more, encompassing ten schools and colleges on the campus. Spreading across a huge campus sizing to 78 acres and ranking within the top 150 colleges, the university enrolled around 7500 undergraduates with a 4-1-4 academic calendar.

Objective Behind the Data Conversion Need

The main objective behind the data conversion was to:

  • Data entry for a massive data set
  • Conversion of data from PDF to Excel



California, USA


Data Conversion of 6,00,000 Data



Challenges for the Client with Data Conversion

Being a big university, the client has a large set of data. They were facing challenges in converting the data of around 6,00,000 data pertaining to the bank stocks between 1926-1933 and entering the data into an Excel sheet from the PDF format. They came across BackOffice Pro and were carried away with our vast experience in data conversion and data entry. They hired us to accomplish the project.

Solution on Data Conversion that BOP Offered

Once the client had shared all the details related to the project, our data conversion team started working on it. However, the data was illegible in the PDF provided by the client. Additionally, processing a large volume of data with rounds of quality check and time constraints were challenging in the initial phase. But, the highly skilled team customized the approach to carry out data entry manually, referring the PDFs and entering the values to the corresponding columns in the spreadsheet. This was followed by a quality check simultaneously.

Results Obtained from the Data Conversion Project

  • Precise data entry for 6,00,000 bank stock data
  • 100% accurate data conversion from PDF to Excel
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