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Outsourcing file conversion services to Back Office Pro (BOP) benefits clients with the conversion of different file formats to any required format in a structured way. With a highly skilled team of file conversion specialists, we have over a decade of experience in providing file conversion services to utilize the latest software to deliver files 100% error-free.

The individuals who make up our teams are selected for their experience, productivity, and accuracy. This way, we can ensure consistent quality outputs with strict adherence to the delivery timelines. BOP studies organize and optimize your file conversion workload to ensure total clarity and compatibility. We enable the boosting of existing teams and capabilities, ensuring that the best results are delivered each time with every project.

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BOP’s File Conversion Entry Skill Sets

BackOffice Pro’s handpicked team of file conversion specialists boast a wide range of capabilities and specializations. Our skills in this sphere include:

  • Experience in converting file formats including documents, images, microfilms, books, video files, audio files, and many others.
  • Capability to convert between file formats compatible with different operating system standards.
  • Working experience in converting from PDF to XML, HTML to XML, Excel to XML, HTML to PDF, HTML to PowerPoint, HTML to PSD, and text to XML.
  • Experience in providing data processing, data entry, and file conversion with 99.995% of accuracy.
  • Knowledge of old obsolete programs and file formats and competency to convert them to required formats.
  • Ability to do the conversion of multiple-documents simultaneously with accuracy using advanced software.

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BOP’s File Conversion Services Offered

Our team of experienced industry professionals coupled with technological capability ensures that we deliver the best results every time. Our range of services include:

  • XML File Conversion Services We craft structured XML formats including PubMed, XBRL, TEIXML, and DTBook. Our team makes use of dedicated systems and years of experience to extract data from an array of sources.
  • Audio Files Our team has over a decade of experience in converting audio files into a multitude of formats. We deliver a full package including ripping, burning, editing, mastering, and complex conversion projects.
  • eBook File Conversion Services BackOffice Pro manages the conversion of printed hard copies into digital format, and between existing digital formats to ensure global compatibility.
  • Digitizing We make use of high-resolution scanning capabilities, OCR, and detailed enhancements to convert hard copy printed books and documents into any digital format.
  • HTML File Conversion Services Our HTML file conversion specialists are capable of processing PPT, RTF, PDF, PSD, and a multitude of design formats into functional HTML formats for a simplified approach to distributing content.
  • PDF File Conversion Services BackOffice Pro simplifies the process of converting from a wide range of formats to PDF. Our team is capable of incorporating text, images, and handwritten elements into a cohesive package.
  • Record Retention Schedules Our team supports record (data) retention schedules with optimal file conversion services and rapid turnaround times. Our services can be extended to deliver real-time conversions to comply with RRS standards.
  • Video Encoding We convert all video codec types, ensuring full video and sound quality is maintained throughout. We work with converting file formats including MPG, AVI, DivX, 3gp, VOB, WMV, ASF, and many others.
  • Barcode File Tracking BackOffice Pro can configure barcode file tracking systems to match the internal protocols and software usages of specific businesses.

Outsourcing Benefits from BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro enable the detailed data processing of all types of file conversion services, regardless of formats and file sizes. Benefits of outsourcing your overflow projects to BackOffice Pro include:

  • Cost Reduction Working with our team saves you money, compared to the cost of internally scaling your team sizes to manage additional workloads and rush orders.
  • Full Transparency BackOffice Pro allows full access to project data, progress reports, time tracking data, and team allocation information. We give you full control over every aspect of your project, including spend, team sizes, and deadlines.
  • Easy System Migrations We are well versed in the complexities and challenges associated with data migrations and new system compatibility issues. Our team realigns all the required variables to smooth the transition process and mitigate downtime.
  • Dynamic Scaling We boast a fully-fledged team of the document and file conversion specialists that can be increased or decreased in size and complexity depending on your changing requirements.
  • Usability We convert documents meticulously, ensuring searchability and ease of use on every level for every user type. Accessibility and clarity are paramount to optimal conversion projects and future enrichment.
  • Data Security Our team follows strict internal security and data integrity protocols, and our company as a whole adheres to the strictest global ISO data protection standards. We ensure the constant safety of your data and sensitive information.

Outsource File Conversion to BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro delivers best-in-industry data conversion services that enhance the capabilities, software access, and productivity of existing internal teams. We adapt to company-specific structures and frameworks to ensure the total compatibility of our team and service offering. We work with your business to create improved consistency, top-quality outputs, and dynamic scaling. Contact our team using our online form, and we will reach you with a detailed engagement plan and customized pricing.