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PDF Conversion Services from BackOffice Pro (BOP) is intended at assisting organizations dealing with large volumes of PDF files that they want to convert into other workable formats. Outsourcing PDF conversion services to BOP enables businesses to be in the receiving end of 100% error-free document conversion services saving a significant amount of time and effort from the internal team.

Our professionals are masters of all popular formats and perform PDF conversions without losing data or the original structure. We can tackle various conversion tasks including Microfilm to PDF, Microfiche to PDF, GIF to PDF, paper to PDF, and more. Having worked with clients in several industries and working with a plethora of document and file types, which makes us invaluable regarding on-the-ground expertise.

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BOP’s PDF Conversion Entry Skill Sets

At BOP, our team of PDF conversion experts are equipped with highly sought-after skill sets including

  • Ability to work under pressure and manage challenging PDF conversion projects of any size.
  • Well-versed in layout and design with the capability to edit titles, colors, graphics, and any other required special additions.
  • Specialist experience in working with high profile clients including universities, large corporations, and government agencies.
  • Ability to handle all common file formats from books and paper documents through to microfilms, microfiches, image files, video files, audio files, and more.
  • Well-Acquainted with a variety of document types, such as eBooks, text documents, instruction manuals, financial documents, reports, and legal documents.
  • Experience with legacy software to convert documents from obsolete programs and outdated data into a more modern, accessible format.
  • Experts in using pdf conversion tools including NitroPDF, Nuance, Icecream, Cisdem, Soda, Readiris, PDFMate, and Docufreezer.
  • An eye for accuracy and skill of PDF conversion with nothing less than 99.995% accuracy.
  • Adept at Batch Processing capability managing multiple-document conversions on all industry-leading processing platforms. This includes the knowledge of setting up of logistic batch-processing preferences with automated file renaming and location preferences.

BOP’s PDF Conversion Services Offered

Our PDF conversion services span across a wide range of files and formats. We aim for high levels of accuracy and complete affordability in the following areas:

  • PDF to Excel Our teams are highly adept at converting PDF files into Excel spreadsheets that can be used for data analysis and performing calculations.
  • PDF to Word or Text In cases where the client requires formatted textual data or straight text conversion, our teams can handle the file conversion quickly and efficiently.
  • PDF to HTML When the data presented in the PDF consists of HTML programming or if the data is based on networking, we convert and edit the file contents based on the client’s specifications.
  • PDF to Image and Vice Versa Both PDFs and images are in a non-editable format, which necessitates some additional skill in the conversion process.
  • Online Files to PDF Secure documents sourced from the Internet must remain unchanged. We provide an extra level of security in this conversion process that ensures no unwanted edits occur.

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Expert PDF Conversion at a Reasonable Price

The team of PDF conversion specialists at BackOffice Pro has spent years in building up a reputation for reliability and commitment to customer service. Our data Conversion Services are highly sought after, and we do whatever we can to ensure that our clients’ expectations are met.

Our team of PDF specialists has the training, tools and experience to successfully produce PDF files directly from paper sources, graphical files like JPEG and internet content pages done in software products like PageMaker and Dreamweaver. We can also convert the suite of MS Office files to PDF. If requirements so dictate, our team can perform the inverse, that is, convert files into a large number of other common digital formats.

Fill in our online contact form and one of our experienced business development managers will get back to you with a custom quote in 2-working days.

Benefits of Availing BOP’s PDF Conversion Services

Working with BOPs team of industry-leading experts affords clients a range of unparalleled benefits including:

  • Top Quality and Accuracy: BOP guarantees the highest rate of accuracy in the industry. Having worked with so many top-level clients, we’ve become skilled in ensuring the best possible quality.
  • Commitment to Data Security: At all times, we ensure that client data remains 100% Secure. We maintain our safety systems and endeavor to protect our clients at every stage of the project.
  • Faster Turnaround Times and Affordable Rates: We scale our teams up or down depending on your requirements. This ensures that deadlines are always met without having to compromise on affordability.
  • Flexible Staffing Solutions: Depending on the size and complexity of the project, and the client’s specific staffing needs, we can provide resources on an hourly or FTE basis.
  • Access to Advanced Technology: BOP has access to industry-leading software, a perk we pass on to our clients, who no longer find themselves needing to invest in pricey programs that eat into their budget.

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Outsourcing with Back Office verifies that the entire online data entry enterprise is professional, reasonably priced, and streamlined so that clients receive a superior experience. Contact us today to find out more from our cordial, expert team.