Outsource Architectural BIM Services to India

BackOffice Pro offers a wide range of engineering services to design and model architectural structures through BIM technology. The architectural BIM services that BOP offers include structural detailing, architectural feature modeling, isometric drawings, and fine detailing. The experienced BIM team produce BIM models for residential, commercial, and industrial architectural designs. Outsource your architectural BIM needs to India to get high-quality results.

The BackOffice Pro team is always up-to-date with the latest software. The tools and software we use to create architectural BIM include Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, BIM 360, Navisworks, Tekla BIMsight, and ArchiCAD, plus more. With this range of software, BOP can create or edit BIM files, run simulations, and perform analysis. BOP engineers can convert between different file formats to suit your project requirements. Contact BackOffice Pro today to discuss your BIM needs.

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Architectural BIM Skill Sets at BackOffice Pro

The architectural BIM team at BackOffice Pro has been delivering expertly produced and precise architectural BIM models for many years. All staff is trained to the highest standard in the following areas:

  • Deep understanding of architectural design, best practices, and international design and construction standards.
  • Proficient in BIM and CAD software, including Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, BIM 360, Navisworks, Tekla BIMsight, and ArchiCAD, plus more.
  • Advanced skills with relevant architectural toolsets, simulation, and analysis tools, for instance, those found in Rhino 6.
  • Ability to run parametric designs or generative designs using tools such as Grasshopper.
  • Proficient with niche 3D modeling software such as CADWork for timber construction design.
  • Highly qualified to edit algorithms and coding for VBA Script and Grasshopper.
  • Knowledge of international and local design and BIM codes and standards such as BS EN ISO 19650-1 and 2, IBC codes, NBC codes, IECC, ASHRAE standards, NFPA codes, etc.
  • Command on all the BIM levels, with the ability to produce models at level 6D BIM (sustainability and energy use conservation) and 7D BIM (whole lifecycle considerations).
  • Creating design families within BIM for easier editing, response to change requests, and future designs.
  • Strictly adhere to BS 1192:2007, BS 8536-1 & 2, PAS 1192:5:2015, and quality standard ISO 9001.

Architectural BIM Services BackOffice Pro Offers

BackOffice Pro offers a complete range of architectural BIM services. BOP works to structured project milestones to ensure that the work is delivered within schedule.

  • Schematic Design - concepts and development The BOP has designers ready to take your initial sketches and drawings and convert them into a working 1D BIM model. The basic BIM model can be used as a basis for your design or to showcase the concept.
  • Preparation of Lighting & Power Circuit Drawings BOP provides you with detailed lighting & power circuit drawings so an electrician can pick up your project design and know-how to integrate the necessary wiring systems into the building
  • BIM for planning applications – architectural drafting Planning applications require more detail than concept drawings, so a 2D or 3D BIM model is ideal, which contains some collaborative information. Depending on requirements, BOP provides meticulous architectural drafting service.
  • Detailed 3D to 7D BIM design If you require level 3D to 7D BIM, the BackOffice Pro team can deliver. We deliver each architectural or structural 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, and 7D model along with the relevant information at every level.
  • Parametric Modelling Using the latest Rhino 6 and Grasshopper or Autodesk Revit and Dynamo Visual software, BOP designers create the parametric or generative design. We optimize BIM model design iteratively, using a specific algorithm to enhance certain features and properties.
  • BIM Simulation and Analysis The BOP team uses the BIM models to perform a variety of simulations to get a data analysis. Wind or snow-loading or earthquake analysis can be performed on BIM models, for example.
  • BIM for Infrastructure If you need BIM models for infrastructure projects such as highways, bridges, tunnels, viaducts, or any other small or large-scale civil engineering structures, BOP can provide engineers with the relevant knowledge and skills.
  • Clash Detection Clash detection is a crucial part of BIM analysis service, as it helps the construction phase to run smoothly. The BIM model is analyzed to highlight any clashes between structural members or features. BOP experts are highly experienced in clash analysis.
  • Point Cloud to BIM BOP will take your 3D scanned point cloud data in any common format and create accurate BIM models. BOP engineer will ensure that any anomalies and missing sections are rectified.
  • As-built modeling for project closure You can send BOP your final as-built survey data and drawings, and we will create BIM models that can be used for commissioning and maintenance lifecycle of the structure.
  • BIM 5D Cost Estimating Services We assist our clients with cost estimation, material cost, quantity take-off, cost loaded schedules, evaluation of the construction life cycle cost, bidding, cost forecast and more.
  • 4D Simulation Services BOP supports 4D simulation adding time and schedule information in the 3D models helping engineers, architects, contractors and designers, in visualizing construction sequences.
  • Scan to BIM Services BackOffice Pro offers scan to BIM services for renovation of existing building, retrofitting, as-built information for building maintenance, modification, surveillance requirements.

Outsource Architectural BIM Requirements - Benefits at BOP

The key benefits that BOP provides are unparalleled. Check out what you get when you outsource architectural BIM needs to BOP:

  • Get the best 3D visualization at any stage of your design, no matter if the design is at the concept stage, initial planning, near completion, or already completed.
  • We are focused on checking and verifying if the designs and BIM models are feasible and constructible.
  • Get accurate architectural drawings and documents complying with international standards and design best practices at every stage.
  • Get an intricate analysis and correction of the structure, site, and materials.
  • BOP offers architectural BIM services that are far more cost-effective than in-house full-time contractors. Outsource to BOP quickly to fill the skills gap.

Outsource Architectural BIM Services to BOP – Hire the BIM Experts Today

Architectural BIM designs involve several complicated dimensions, and each area holds high importance. You need the best resources for the architectural BIM services so that your project meets its goal. Outsource your architectural BIM needs, and find out how you can get the best output while saving time and money on your architectural design projects. Contact us for more information on our BIM services now.