Outsource Naviswork Services to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP), a global engineering company, takes pride in being the best destination to outsource Naviswork services. The Naviswork experts at BOP develop and deliver top-class photorealistic 3D visualizations with unobstructed views of the structures to cater to the construction, architectural and structural engineering requirements. As your back-office support, we provide precise 3D modeling, BIM coordination, clash detection, 5D simulation during the design phase to identify and meet the daunting challenges before the structure is built by adjusting in real-time.

With a flexible full-time equivalent (FTE) model, we use Naviswork to combine the design and construction data into a single model and improve the BIM (Building Information Modeling) coordination to control the outcomes. The unbeatable 3D models we create undergo multiple rounds of quality checks in different phases of the project, adhering to the ISO guidelines to ensure high-quality and accuracy.

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NavisWork Skill Sets at BackOffice Pro

As one of the imminent companies providing Naviswork services in India, BOP has an engineering team trained and seasoned according to the industry’s highest standards. When you outsource Naviswork services to create architectural BIM models, our team members have long years of expertise and the following skill sets:

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  • Highly experience working with Navisworks.
  • Expert in creating BIM coordination and providing drafting for architectural/structural/MEP, 3D modeling, design,
  • Ace in coordinated service drawings and fabrication drawings
  • Proficient in simulation and clash detection to avoid errors and failures, which results in potential construction delay and cost
  • Ability to create a 4D simulation and 5D estimation to visualize construction sequences
  • Convert construction drawings and sketches into functional BIM models
  • Provide 2D and 3D designs to plan applications based on requirements.

Naviswork Services at BOP

If your architectural or BIM project requires you to outsource Naviswork services, we understand how difficult it can be to find a proper company to rely on to achieve your outsourcing needs. That’s why we recommend that you outsource your Naviswork needs to the BOP. We provide the best and most professional Naviswork services in India.

  • BIM CoordinationBOP experts to easily integrate and automate workflows to detect clashes with BIM coordination. Save your time and effort with the automation and the one-source of information in a common data environment that we create for a seamless project workflow.
  • Clash Detection and Model CoordinationDetect and eliminate the glitches in the construction sequence and coordination before starting the construction process. Identify the errors and clashes in the design phase to reduce risk and human errors, minimize changes by incorporating standard rules and comprehensive methodologies.
  • 5D SimulationOur 5D simulation helps create detailed simulations of cost, logistics, and construction schedules. Get realistic cost estimation, precise quantity take-off, cost-loaded schedules, the construction life-cycle cost with various levels of detail (LOD) that helps in improving coordination and making value engineering decisions.
  • Photorealistic Model RenderingWith BOP, experts apply and define lights and materials directly to the 3D models and save in the preferred format, NWF or NWD, to save files. Our support enables you to preview the applied lights, environments, and other settings while controlling the appearance, speed, and quality of rendering.
  • Integrated 2D Quantification Takeoff Outsource Naviswork services to the BOP to get an accurate 2D quantification takeoff report. Get accurate measurement of lines, areas, and counts on a 2D sheet by marking up geometry with accurate calculations and automate the merging of the 2D sheet quantification with the 3D model automatically.

Benefits of Outsourcing Naviswork Services to BOP

If you choose to outsource Naviswork services to BOP in India, there is an array of benefits that you can reap from this collaboration. Here are the benefits:

  • Save time, effort, and resources by gaining control over your spending and schedules with our 4D and 5D simulations.
  • Explore your model objects by interacting with them in animated environments and using your project models to create working schedules directly.
  • Preview your costs and schedules by importing them from external sources and quantify materials in 2D or 3D designs.
  • Increase the accuracy of your 3D models and 2D sheets by measuring counts, areas, and lines.
  • Combine your AutoCAD and Revit files to create a unified and synchronized view, including data, images, and geometry.

Outsource Naviswork Services to BOP to Get Photorealistic 3D Models

As one of the best engineering companies providing Naviswork services in India, BOP allows you to get ahead with your complex architecture and construction projects. Our team facilitates you with more control over your workflows, enabling you to tap into the potential of the latest BIM technology. Contact us today to find why our BIM models for industrial, commercial, and residential architectural designs are the best in India and how to outsource Naviswork services to us for your business requirements.