Leading Technology Company in the US Gets As-built BIM Model for 24-Story Superstructure from Point Clouds Data

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Meet the Client – US-based Technology Company

Established in the United States, the client is a technology company with a particular focus on providing surveying services to a plethora of clients. The company concentrates on institutional and industrial developments, providing drawings and as-built models by applying industry-leading laser scanning and UAV techniques. Initially, the company made use of CAD-based modeling and drafting techniques. With the evolution of newer, more advanced approaches, they have converted to a completely BIM-based delivery process.

Objective of the BIM Modeling

The client was looking to create a BIM model to support the demolishing and re-building of the 4-storied building to a multistoried building.




Software / Application

Autodesk Revit 2017, Autodesk Recap 2017, and Autodesk Navisworks 2017

Turnaround Time

15 days

Client’s Challenges with the BIM Modeling

BackOffice Pro was contacted to assist with converting laser scan point clouds to an information-rich BIM model. Due to our expertise in drafting highly detailed as-built drawings and models, we proved to be the best team for the job.

Ultimately, the model would generate the as-built drawings for the renovation and conversion of a 4-story building into a 24-story superstructure. Additionally, the client wished to use the model as the base for the as-built information of the project.

BOP’s Expert Assistance on BIM Modeling

During our process, our engineering team made use of specialist software, including Autodesk Revit 2017, Autodesk Recap 2017, and Autodesk Navisworks 2017. We made sure to discuss the details of the project with the client, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their vision and gaining the project parameters. A team of four dedicated resources was assigned to work on the project. We received the laser scans from the client in 5 parts. The team was split according to the components in the model and different levels.

Additionally, we received floor-wise laser scans from the client and linked them into a single Revit model, further enabling our team to understand the product as a whole. We prepared a conceptual model and worked on the building aesthetics. Incorporating the client’s feedback, we applied the specific LODs to perfect the model and transferred the final file through Dropbox.

BIM Modeling project Takeaways

By using a laser scan procedure and generating deliverables through an efficient BIM model, we were able to ensure not only accuracy but also saving a great deal of time for the client. Our team was able to carry out the scanning process in a record time of 3 days, utilizing a further two weeks to prepare the model in its entirety. We were awarded ten similar projects, all of which were done in record time.

Point Cloud CTA

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