New Zealand Based Seating Designer and Manufacturer Beat Competition by Outsourcing 3D Product Animation

3D Product Animation from BackOffice Pro

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The Client – New Zealand Based Manufacturer of Commercial Seating Operation

The client is a mass producer, manufacturer, designer and wholesaler of commercial seating operating in New Zealand and Australia for over twenty years.

Client’s Requirement – 3D Product Animation of Entire Catalogue

From a business standpoint, the client observed severe loss of revenue as it competed against rival companies who stayed one step ahead using 3D software tools. To ensure that this gap in technology could be bridged, the client contacted us to help produce 3D product animations for its entire catalogue that could highlight visually how they could be utilized in commercial spaces.



New Zealand


Entire Catalog

Initial Obstacles in the 3D Product Animation Project

The major challenges we had in front of us in this project were properly analyzed by our team of designers, artists and animation experts. They are listed as follows -

  • Visually presenting each design while highlighting its uses and functional attributes
  • Creating exact virtual 3D replicas of the client's entire catalogue
  • Showcasing the different features of the products through visual representation of how people use office furniture on a daily basis

3D Product Animation Solution from BackOffice Pro

Once we had the proper team to get the job done, cracking the brief was pretty easy. This is how we did it -

  • To create high quality 3D models, we assembled a team of 3D animators and a project manager to oversee their responsibilities.
  • Created the perfect ambience by getting the perfect lighting camera angles set up.
  • To complement the animators' talents, we also used state of the art animation and design tools.
  • Thinking outside the box to ensure that we exceeded the client's expectations.
  • Achieving 100% quality and accuracy by conducting extensive final minute tests before handing over the assignment.
  • Sending samples of work to the clients at regular intervals.

Significant Result of the 3D Product Animation Solutions

The client saw how we handled the entire assignment very professionally and met all their goals. Due to our contribution, the client benefitted in many ways -

  • Further solidified its reputation and brand image.
  • Increased its sales by 50%
  • Saved 60% of its advertising and marketing costs
  • Further improved its lead to sale ratio and acquired more business

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