Outsource BIM BIM for Infrastructure Services

BackOffice Pro offers BIM services to global clients seeking infrastructure BIM assistance, to streamline the construction process and from the "pre-bid" stage to "built" stage. The experienced BIM team provides BIM modeling for highway, geospatial engineering and rail engineering requirements, conceptual design and feasibility study. The BackOffice Pro team of BIM modeling always keeps up with the latest tools and software like AutoCAD Civil 3D, BIM 360, Navisworks and Autodesk Revit required for infrastructure modeling.

With streamlined project operations, capturing reality, laser scan of the existing infrastructure, BIM assistance from BOP for the infrastructure project requirements benefits throughout the project lifecycle – planning stage, designing stage, and implementation stage. Outsource BIM for infrastructure services to BOP and get an improved workflow, cost predictability, data-driven planning, and fewer errors. Contact us today.

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Skillsets of BIM Modeling Services at BackOffice Pro

The infrastructural BIM experts produce accurate infrastructural models for decades with the unrivaled expertise and skills as below:

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  • Highly capable of developing and implementing BIM workflow for best Infrastructure design standards and practices
  • Expert knowledge and proven practical background with Autodesk, AutoCAD, BIM 360, Civil 3D, Naviswork, Revit.
  • Seasoned with computational design applications such as Dynamo and iModel 2.0
  • Experience with 3D-model rendering and visualization applications such as Lumion and 3ds Max.
  • Unbeatable expertise in roadway, traffic, and rail engineering infrastructure modeling and geospatial BIM support
  • Adept in Scan to BIM and point cloud workflow integration

BIM for Infrastructure Services at BOP

BackOffice Pro offers a wide array of infrastructural BIM services. We work to streamline the projects and support through in all phases of the project lifecycle:

  • BIM Support for Roads, Traffic and Rail Engineering

    BackOffice Pro’s expert BIM team creates BIM models for rail, roads, and traffic infrastructure project requirements with the inputs from the conceptual designs and project plans. We refer to the road survey information, gradient, contour and camber information along with base traffic, spatial partners, commodity movement and loading behavior.

  • Geospatial BIM Support

    BOP assists in converting 3D laser scans of lands into topographical models that help in designing and constructing infrastructural projects like roads, highways, railway lines, bridges, etc. With the help of the survey inputs along with the land gradient and contour information, BOP delivers the BIM.

  • Conceptual Design Support and Feasibility Study

    BOP team of architectural BIM experts provides BIM modeling and mapping of the present rail, road, and highway layouts to produce the conceptual design support and feasibility study of the infrastructural projects.

  • Construction Cost Estimation / Quantity Take-Off

    BOP offers quantity take-off for both small and big projects to determine the actual construction cost while ensuring that the project ends up being a profitable one with a final and detailed estimation.

  • Fire Protection Systems Modeling

    BIM experts at BOP provide modeling for fire protection and safety measures. We understand the various standards, dimensions, sustainably using the sprinklers in the construction with proper sizing. BIM supports at BOP and provides safety modeling for the infrastructure and construction companies.

  • Water Drain Systems BIM Modeling

    BIM modeling for drainage solutions at BOP is handled smoothly by the experts, be it determining the dimensions of the necessary inlets, outlets, and pressure pipes. We develop customized drainage drawings for different types of large and small infrastructural projects.

  • Power Systems / Electrical distribution

    Our experts deliver 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D BIM modeling for electric designs involved in infrastructure projects. Our BIM modeling and electric plan layout models are highly detailed with all electrical information reports and documents based on the project requirements.

Outsourcing BIM for Infrastructure Services to India - Benefits at BOP

The significant benefits that the BOP offers with infrastructural BIM services are optimum. Check out the benefits when you outsource infrastructure BIM needs to us:

  • Get documentation in less time while reducing errors, reworks, and omission in construction documents.
  • Reduce Cycle Time of specific workflows, increase win rates of work and thereby raise profits
  • Avoid conflicts, field coordination problems, and changes during the construction phase
  • Reduce the construction cost, the overall project duration and get faster plan approval and permits
  • Improved safety performance and increase the ability to do prefabrication
  • Get control of the infrastructure projects right from the initial phases and communicate effectively on means, methods, and materials.

Outsource Infrastructure BIM Requirements to Manage Project Life Cycle Better

BIM for infrastructure entails various complex phases and dimensions and each of the phases is significant and connected to the next phase. To meet the long-term goals in infrastructural projects, outsource all your business requirements to the BOP to save on your time and money and other outsourcing benefits. Contact us today to know more about our services and discuss the scope.