Outsource Tekla Services to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a distinguished engineering company in India to outsource Tekla services for building, construction, and infrastructure management. With a flexible full-time equivalent (FTE) option, we deliver precise steel and concrete detailing, structural design, fabrication drawings, steel shop drawings, precast, and cast-in-situ, using Tekla Structures. Our skilled Tekla specialists help you transform your project ideas to reality with multilayered quality checks complying with the ISO guidelines.

As your back-office partner, we assist the structural and civil engineers, architects, and construction firms worldwide with pre-construction designs of their projects. We help our clients in creating and managing 3D structural models while guiding them to the fabrication. Our engineers are pro in creating the CNC-files to control reinforcement bending machines, precast concrete manufacturing, etc.

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Tekla Services Skill Sets at BackOffice Pro

As a renowned company providing Tekla Services in India, BackOffice Pro’s Tekla specialists possess all the necessary skillsets, expertise, and years of experience to deliver precise 3D modeling and steel detailing when you outsource Tekla services to us. Here is the list of skill sets we have:

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  • Working experience with Tekla Structures and other BIM software
  • Proficient in modeling steel members and using system components, connections, and bolt groups
  • Adept in the modeling of basic foundations and their reinforcement
  • Ability to create 3D model for stairs, ladders, and handrails, curved members, floor, decking
  • Ace in generating GA drawings, assembly and part drawings, fabrication drawing
  • Expert in combining one system component with the modified parts to create a complex connection
  • Highly experienced in creating multi-drawings, controlling items to be added on different sheets
  • Capability in making 3D Views, Plans, and Elevations of the structures

Tekla Services at BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro is one of the best companies offering a wide range of Tekla services in India. We are well equipped with skills and software to provide precise output to support the complex construction requirements. Below is the list of Tekla services we offer:

  • Bridge Information ModelingOutsource Tekla services to the BOP to get detailed designs with detailing of complex structures such as beams and box girder bridges and truss bridges, arch bridges, cantilever bridges, suspension bridges, cable-stayed bridges, underpasses, or box culverts, etc.
  • Precast Concrete StructuresWith BOP experts, work on all structures irrespective of size, material, and complexity and derive accurate project estimation. Detail precast concrete structures and improve construction documents and plans to control fabrication and identify potential problems to increase efficiency.
  • Rebar DetailingWhen you outsource Tekla services to us, we create a 3D rebar structure regardless of the complexity and size. Number the rebar automatically while generating all the documents directly from the model. Create improved design communication, better collaboration, and information transfer to speed up the rebar assembly.
  • Steel Detailingand FabricationCreate precise steel detailing, erection, and fabrication, minimizing cost and eliminating the reworks for better process optimization. Prepare detailed plans, drawings for manufacturing steel members such as columns, braces, beams, trusses, handrails, joists, metal decking, stairs.
  • 3D Concrete ModelsWith BOP, experts estimate plans, manage concrete pours with accurate data, purpose-built, constructible models to facilitate your concrete construction from the pre-construction stage to the on-site management phase. With the 3D models, improve estimates, schedules, and quantity take-offs.
  • Bill of MaterialsWith BOP, experts generate the bill of materials for the final building designs with the Tekla software. Plan, edit, add finesse to the models segregating raw materials, assemblies, subassemblies, parts and components, and quantities of each material required to construct the project.

Benefits of Outsourcing Tekla Services to BackOffice Pro

Being a renowned engineering company providing Tekla services in India, BackOffice Pro meets all design challenges, reduces design errors, coordinates design, integrates modeling, generates documentation, incorporates design changes, and more. When you outsource Tekla Services to us, you get the following benefits:

  • Save time by reducing design errors, integrate modeling with design and drafting, and coordinate design seamlessly
  • Generate construction documentation easily from the model accommodating design changes painlessly.
  • Detail any rebar structure in 3D, irrespective of size and complexity
  • Avoid human errors while creating drawings, reports, and CNC information
  • Improve estimates and schedules by automating quantity take-offs and effectively manage information

Outsource Tekla Services to Create 3D Models Aiming at Successful Projects

At BOP, your vision is our mission. We are dedicated to our clients’ industrial structural design and drafting requirements to create BIM-based construction project collaboration making the process easy with other BIM applications using the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) format, DWG, and DGN formats. We perform spatial coordination, conflict or clash checks, detect constructability issues and enhance collaboration among different team members.