Outsource 5D BIM Estimation Services to India

BackOffice Pro provides BIM 5D cost estimation services clients from different countries. Our experience in construction cost estimation enables us to devise customized construction cost estimation for architectural companies, real estate firms, BIM consultants, and parametric construction companies. Whether you want a realistic material cost estimation, an accurate quantity takeoff, a budgetary and cost heads, or a prediction of cost estimates of the project, BOP experts are here to support your requirements in the pre-construction phase.

BOP BIM experts provide BIM simulation for lean construction, cost loaded schedules, evaluating the construction life cycle cost or help with the bidding amount, cost forecasts, risk analysis, using 5D estimation technology in developing models at a different level of detail (LOD) for cost estimation and value engineering decisions. Outsource BIM 5D cost estimating services to BackOffice Pro to get an intelligent model. Contact us today to discuss the scope of your project.

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5D BIM Estimation Services Expert Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

BIM experts at BackOffice Pro have a decade of experience in BIM technology and cost estimation for architectural and construction projects. Below are the essential skill sets we possess:

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  • Highly experienced and proficient in handling AutoCAD, Revit, BIM, Bluebeam, Navisworks, Tekla.
  • Adroit in performing BIM simulation quantity takeoffs, developing estimates for material costs involved in the project.
  • Seasoned in handling bid packets, calculating labor costs, equipment costs, and preparing to price & bidding estimates on all architectural projects.
  • Proficient in evaluating possible areas for potential value engineering and cost impact analysis, through detailed estimation and lean construction methodologies.
  • Experienced in the ‘Request for Proposal’ responses (RFP’s) and identifying qualified suppliers/subcontractors soliciting quotes

5D BIM Estimation Services BOP Offers

As a 5d BIM simulation provider, we take customer satisfaction seriously and assist all our clients the best in class 5D cost estimation services:

  • Quantity Takeoff

    BOP 5D Bid estimators provide accurate quantity takeoffs to contractors, designers, and project managers. Our report helps in getting an exact list of materials and their quantities required to complete the construction project.

  • Cost-Loaded Scheduling

    BOP BIM 5D cost estimators provide a cost-loaded schedule that includes contractor and sub-contractor costs, indirect costs, and the profit. We help in determining the allocation of project estimation leading to accurate project planning.

  • Project Risk Analysis

    BOP identifies all potential, and costly delays prevent and mitigates those. We offer customized construction risk management services catering to tailored requirements to reduce the risk of construction financing and investment.

  • Bid Cost Estimation

    As a part of the construction management, the BOP provides detailed bid estimation with direct construction cost, a margin to cover up for the overheads, and profits based on the project parameters. This helps contractors in competitive bidding or negotiation.

  • 3D Architectural Modeling and 4D BIM models to 5D BIM Conversion

    We are an expert team providing 3D and 4D BIM models to 5D BIM by adding the cost estimates to the BIM components. We assist in the calculation of the total project costs while enhancing the cost forecast.

  • Cost planning and industry forecasts

    BOP cost planners offer a due diligence step helping the owner to determine the financial feasibility of the project, understand the cost of the proposed project, and get an idea about when the estimated expenses are likely to take place.

  • Construction bid

    BackOffice Pro’s team is highly experienced in creating bid price or the final price of construction projects to be charged to the customer depending on the estimate of the internal costs of the project, including materials, labor, etc.

  • Evaluating construction life cycle costs

    With BOP, contractors get a life cycle cost evaluation of a building at various levels of complexity. We take all incurred into account and provide a detailed analysis with the data on economic evaluation, assessment of uncertainty, and construction estimation documentation.

Benefits of Outsourcing BIM 5D Cost Estimating Services to BackOffice Pro

Outsourcing BIM 5D Cost Estimation Services to BackOffice Pro offers certain benefits as below:

  • Get a detailed quantity takeoff, accurate cost estimation & cost forecast for your construction project.
  • Track the real-time changes to quantity takeoffs as per construction design modifications.
  • Get an improved collaboration among team members and stakeholders associated with the project

Hire BOP BIM Estimators to Get an Accurate Cost Projection

Construction cost estimation is a complicated process involving several crucial steps and calculations. Hire the best team of BIM estimators to meet your pre-construction cost impact analysis with a lean approach and create an intelligent model. Outsource your 5D BIM cost estimation service, 5D BIM modeling services to BackOffice Pro. Get the best cost estimation assistance for your construction projects along with the outsourcing benefits within the assigned turnaround time. Contact us today to learn more about our cost estimation service.