Outsource Scan to BIM Services to India

BackOffice Pro is a renowned outsourcing company providing a 3D scan to BIM to building contractors, building survey companies, historic building restoration contractors, BIM consultants, architects, real estate firms and structural engineers around the world. We are expertise in the conversion of a point cloud or laser scan of surveys to BIM 3D models. Whether you want the scan to BIM for retrofitting, renovation of an existing building, as-built information post-construction, or for building modification, building maintenance, and surveillance purpose and refurbishment, considering the MEP details, we are your back-office support assisting in your requirements.

Our highly skilled engineers provide 3D model creation at different levels of detail (LOD), point cloud modeling, as-built drawing, and documentation for your building project. We embed building data including beams, columns, walls, ceilings, roofs, pipes, and ducts, that helps our clients to analyze the building condition for renovation or demolition. Outsource scan to BIM needs to BackOffice Pro to get a detailed report of the building condition. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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3D Scan to BIM Services Expert Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

The BIM team at BOP has in-depth knowledge and expertise on BIM 3D modeling possessing the following skillsets:

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  • Comprehensive understanding of using Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, and other 3D modeling software
  • Highly experienced in creating accurate BIM 3D models from 3D laser scan
  • Perform careful point cloud analysis, MEP design & drafting including accuracy evaluation against survey controls and reporting.
  • Expert in setting up the initial control points export and grid background files for BIM projects
  • Thorough understanding of the workflow associated with the building design and construction process and building elements
  • Adept in geo-reference scans for alignment to building coordinate systems
  • Proficient in developing workflows for high- and low-resolution scans

3D Scan to BIM Services and Solutions BOP Offers

BackOffice Pro BIM experts provide a 3D scan to BIM service while minutely noting point to cloud data to deliver accurate BIM report:

  • 3D Scan to BIM for Building

    BOP experts offer large scale and complex scan to BIM Modeling of old buildings that requires refurbishment. We create precise detailing with all curves such as arches and domes from laser scans of buildings, factories, and other structures using Revit, AutoCAD, Naviswork, and other related software.

  • BIM Modelling from Point Cloud Data

    BOP provides Point cloud data, which is essential in creating BIM models including architectural, structural and MEP components like ceilings, floors, columns, beams, fixtures, and fittings of existing buildings and structures.

  • Clash Detection

    The team of BIM modelers provides clash detection for the architectural ad structural projects with the as-built information collected from the 3D laser scan reports taking all MEP details into account. We help to elevate the project to the next level.

  • As-Built Information

    We collect data on construction materials and cost, cross-sectional analysis, dimensions, and measurements of existing structures along with MEP information and convert to BIM models for further calibration.

  • Matterport 3D Modeling

Outsourcing 3D Scan to BIM Services to India - Benefits at BOP

Scan to BIM services from Back Office accompanies many benefits for all our clients’ requirements. Take a look at the significant advantages:

  • Get an accurate as-built BIM model for your existing structure and use it for project expansion or renovation.
  • Make an informed decision on unwanted structures based on the point cloud data.
  • Get access to your 3D virtual assets and use them for clash detection and feasibility check.
  • Extend your scope for 4D and 5D and 7D modeling for your project from the scan to the BIM report.

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Scan to BIM conversion at BOP helps architects, engineers, and designers to derive detail data of floors, ceiling, roofs, pipes, ducts, and beams, with different levels of detail (LOD) on the existing building or structure. We analyze each condition with BIM simulation and also offer 4D, 5D, 6D, and 7D BIM modeling based on the requirements. Outsource Scan to BIM services to BackOffice Pro and get all offshoring benefits. Contact us today to discuss the scope of your project.