Online Data Entry Outsourcing to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is one of the most reached out destinations for online data entry outsourcing needs. Our highly skilled data entry team is available as full-time equivalents (FTEs) with flexible engagement models and offers a range of classic and complex online data entry services. Our secure data protocols and ISO standards ensure multilayered quality-checks to comply with the clients’ business requirements precisely. Our pool of experts is licensed to extract, enter, reenter, retrieve, or update optimal management information across websites, online catalogs, and databases.

Being your back-office partner, we deploy industry best practices and premier technology to take care of your online data entry projects irrespective of big and small volumes. Outsource online data entry process and planned resource engagements based on your business requirements and budget.

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Online Data Entry Skill Sets at BOP

As one of the well-pronounced companies providing online data entry services in India, BOP’s team undergoes sustained training to add to our existing scope of online data entry techniques continually. To enable BOP to serve all industries, we retain an FTE team with diverse areas of expertise while aiding clients in resource management when you outsource online data entry needs to us. Here are the skill sets we possess:

  • Proficient in entering data from forms, websites, online catalogs, databases, questionnaires, and more
  • Expert in preparing structured information for the online data entry process
  • Well trained in assorted software and databases, in addition to varied formatting programs.
  • Dexterous in working with Excel, Word, Outlook, and proprietary BOP software.
  • Detailed knowledge of PL/SQL and T-SQL programming languages and SQL, CRM, Word, Access, and Excel.
  • Familiar with building or inputting data into databases such as FoxPro, Oracle, MySQL, Visual Basic, ASP, MS Access, and MS SQL Server

Online Data Entry Services at BOP

Being the most renowned company offering online data entry services in India, we are highly capable of catering to various requirements of the clients. BOP aims to provide a customizable method entirely dependent on venture particulars, part of our commitment to quality assurance and customer care. Check the list of services we provide:

  • Multilingual Data Entry Get multilingual or trans-lingual data entry services from BOP data entry specialists to prepare online invoices and documents in various languages.
  • Online Data Capture Capture data online with BOP from different data sources and enter the database's data in the desired format.
  • Online Image Data Entry Outsource online data entry to the BOP to update the images with captions and tags for better SEO performance.
  • Online Invoice Data Entry Enter accurate invoice and receipt data online with BOP to accelerate the accounting and invoicing processes.
  • Customer Feedback and Shipping Document Entry Prepare and enter the data online on customer feedback, shipping documents, product registration cards, labels, mailings, and so on with BOP.
  • Insurance Claims and Legal Data Entry Update the insurance claim details and legal documents online accurately with BOP data entry experts.
  • Online Product Catalog Entry Enter all the product details, descriptions, images, and all the required data from time to time in your online catalog and eCommerce website with BOP.
  • eBooks Data Entry Outsource online data entry to the BOP to capture data from the original document, enter it into the digital formats, and convert to eBooks.
  • Data Entry for Marketing With BOP, update your Google map, directory listing for your business to support your marketing initiatives.

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Online Data Entry Outsourcing Process

The online data entry outsourcing process is unique to each client, as BOP aims to provide a customizable method entirely dependent on venture particulars, part of our commitment to quality assurance and customer care.

  • Venture Assessment and Offer Our Online Data Entry team conducts an assessment of the outsourcing venture, and a detailed offer is dispatched to the client.
  • Price Quote Once the client’s budget and the project parameters have been assessed, BOP drafts a reasonable price quote.
  • Resource Management Profile BOP profiles a plan for engaging materials necessary for profitable venture completion, incorporating equipment, human resources, or pecuniary components.
  • Business Contract We assemble a personalized business contract to be authorized and signed by both the client and Back Office.
  • Basic Training and Knowledge Transfer Primary training procedures are overseen by our Online Data Entry staff, and we begin with transferring our combined knowledge set to incoming personnel.
  • Extended Location-Based Training and Transition We extend our training to more complex Online Data Entry theories and practices as off-loaded personnel arrive on location. Senior-level team members provide guidance and specific instruction, following a precise model of best practices.

Benefits of Online Data Entry Outsourcing to BackOffice Pro

As one of the most prominent companies providing online data entry services in India, BOP offers dynamic resource management for data entry. We ensure that clients enjoy copious benefits as below with our services:

  • Update data and information in eCommerce websites, online catalogs, etc. for a better customer experience
  • Convert raw data and information into digital formats such as eBooks
  • Prepare online invoices and order documents precisely and update with various language
  • Update your customer support and shipping details accurately to keep your database updated

Online Data Entry Outsourcing for a Streamlined and Accurate Database

When you outsource online data entry services to BOP, get support from the multi-domain experts and highly skilled FTEs with state-of-art technologies. As data plays a significant role in all businesses measuring up the standards and competencies, accurate data entry demands expertise. BOP offers precise online data entry that helps our clients to save their time and money, giving you a competitive edge over the competitors. Contact us today to find out more about our expert team and how we can assist you in your business requirements.