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At BackOffice Pro (BOP), our skilled resources assist internal teams in capturing data from images or paper forms including insurance, handwritten notes, legal forms and more. Outsource image data entry services to us, and let us assist with image data entry for scanned images of survey forms, cards, questionnaires, applications, warranty cards, etc.

Our image scanning technology permits us to scan over 10,000 pages daily, while our electronic data capture technology can record typed and handwritten text, checkboxes and barcodes. We enter the data into various formats (MS Word, Excel, Access, Text) or directly onto online systems from printed matter, scanned images and written materials.

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Image Data Entry Service Skillsets at BOP

We typically receive data via G-Drive, email attachments, or Secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP). The images are returned in the required formats. Our image data entry operators have the following skillsets:

  • Our image data entry team, (Senior and Junior data entry operators) are well trained and highly skilled. They have a minimum graduation qualification, 2 -5 years’ experience in a similar role
  • Well versed in OCR/ICR technology
  • Proven working knowledge in scanned image/catalog/book/card/eCommerce/Shopify data entry
  • Ability to work independently and take accountability.
  • Strong analytical skills with excellent attention to detail.
  • Dynamic team player comfortable working in an evolving environment.
  • Familiar with document scanning, image capture, PDF conversion, handwritten forms, converting non-machine readable content to electronic format, etc.
  • Able to provide timely and accurate data entry with proven experience in the same
  • A good team player, open to suggestion, and willing to work in any time zone

BackOffice Pro’s Image Data Entry Services

At BackOffice Pro, we provide both online data entry and offline data entry services, for projects large or small. We provide accurate image data entry services for the following:

  • Scanned Book Image Data Entry At BOP, we can work on large volumes of scanned book pages, and accurately collate the required data in an error-free manner.
  • Scanned Handwritten Card Image Data Entry We interpret illegible/ clear handwritten notes, collate/ translate data from the same, and key in within quick turnaround times.
  • Scanned Catalog Image Data Entry Our data entry operators scan catalog images and accurately record all relevant product information and inventory data as per client specifications in Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and other eCommerce platforms.
  • Scanned Legal Document Image Data Entry We accurately capture data from legal documents is that forge contractual relationship, spells out obligations or grants rights including Contracts, Agreements, Drafts, Deeds and more.
  • Visual Data Mining With our visual data mining service, we show large sets of information in visually consumable formats such as pie charts, graphs, and tables. In this way, users can spot trends or anomalies visually.

Benefits of Outsourcing Image Data Entry to BackOffice Pro

Data captured from images are entered into a spreadsheet or database. The benefits of partnering with us for image typing data entry include:

  • Aid Online Sales Convert any amount of data from images accurately, and use the same to create impactful sales catalogs that garner attention and induce sales.
  • Capture Valuable Data With BOP, you can capture valuable medical, legal, corporate or personal data and store in a secure location, without the fear of damage or destruction, loss, etc.
  • Save Online Storage Space Our image data entry services enable you to quickly collate the data from images and delete the same, thereby saving valuable online storage space. This is especially useful for large businesses and corporations.
  • Data Security We employ industry-leading technologies and practices to assure our clients of the utmost privacy and data security available including General Data Protection Regulation compliance (GDPR).
  • Flexible Output We accept images for scanning in all popular formats - JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PDF, RTF and more.

Avail Quality Image Data Entry Services from BackOffice Pro, India

As a leading image data entry company, BackOffice Pro offers cost savings, improved quality and quick turnaround time with every project. So, if you are looking to outsource image data entry services to India, BackOffice Pro (BOP) is your best choice from both the angles – cost and quality. To discuss your requirements or talk to one of our experienced business development managers for a free quote, contact us today.

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