Recovery and Repossession Company Gets Real-Time Data for Quick Action

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The Client - Recovery/ Repossession Company

The client, founded in 2013, is a recovery and repossession firm that has successfully offered services in Dallas, Fort Worth, and several other surrounding areas for many years. The client has recently begun its operations in Whitney, Texas, Duncanville, and Oklahoma City in Ohio.

The client, while abiding with the federal, state, and local laws concerning repossessions, provide a quick and safe recovery of their client’s assets. The company uses the latest ‘repo’ investigative techniques, state-of-the-art technology, and equipment to achieve their goal. This helps in providing quick retrieval of various types of vehicles. The client is licensed, bonded and insured, and so are their recovery agents. The agents are certified by CARS (Certified Asset Recovery Agents).

Requirements for the CRM Data Entry Services Project

The client requested us to provide CRM data entry services. The field officers would collect status update on recovery activities of cars/vehicles from defaulters and pass it on to the recovery agency. The client required s to capture this information and update it on the client’s CRM platform.

The client sent us emails of handwritten notes in PDF or written format. Our team was required to go through the reports and enter the information onto the client’s CRM platform.

Challenges Encountered by our Team

The client expected quick turnaround time for the project, and updates had to happen live. Our team handled the challenge effectively by sending updates almost immediately. The team had to work timeously to ensure that they consistently provided live updates as per the client’s instructions. Day and night-time employees were employed, and so the team worked 24/5 to ensure completion of the task.

Adopting a Step-Wise Process

The eight-member team implemented a process to achieve the project goals. The step-by-step process included:

  • The client sent handwritten or typed notes of updates via email in PDF format
  • Upon receiving this information, the team immediately updated it on the company CRM
  • This database comprising of critical data was then sent back to the client via email.

Real-time updates by our team enabled the client to determine the steps that were required to be taken with the defaulter and the car. Hence, the client was able to evade any delay that could otherwise have occurred.


End Results

The client was satisfied with our team’s performance and was able to cut their costs by 60%.

This was our 12th client in the recovery and repossession industry. All our previous clients were happy with the services provided to them and referred us to similar clients.

We now have 25 employees working exclusively for our clients in recovery agencies. Our knowledge and expertise in this industry enabled us to acquire more such projects.

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