Leading Software Company in London Perpetrated Huge Data Submission in Online Portal with Outsourcing

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The experienced team of online data entry professionals at BackOffice Pro (BOP) offers a wide range of classic and complex online data entry services. We have all the data security options in place to protect your data. The licensed staff extract, enter, retrieve, and update information seamlessly in any online portals, CRMs, ERPs, platforms, complying with the ISO quality and industry best standards. The present case study discusses how the largest global intelligence company based in London makes 30,000 data submission possible by partnering with BackOffice Pro.


Meet the Client: London Based Software Company

Based in London, the client is a software company that has built the world’s largest global intelligence platform revealing how people behave, the reasons behind it by analyzing the moments from the real life of its 3.5 million users worldwide. Users share their daily lives, text, photos, videos, and the AI platform analyzes not just what they do but also why they do. The platform helps customers to get insights about communities across the world to know the unfamiliar markets. The client emphasizes understanding the customers’ emotion, behavior, and the ‘why’ behind it.

Objective Behind Online Data Entry Outsourcing

The client was behind a colossal task of entering 30,000 data submissions in a week. The objective behind outsourcing was to get the submissions done seamlessly in no time.





10k – 30k Submissions Per Week

Project Cost


Client’s Challenges with Online Data Entry

Being the largest AI platform globally, giving out community insights worldwide, the company has considerable data to input in the backend every week. The client struggled to execute this with the internal team, owing to the large volume of data entry. They were looking for an outsourcing partner who could take over the entire charge of data entry and deliver accurate and seamless work.

BOP’s Custom Solution for Online Data Entry

To start with the project, we had a detailed discussion with the client to understand the scope. We formed a team of 30 resources under three team leads and one project lead, and another team of 10 Quality Analysts under one Lead Quality Analyst. The entire team was trained for the process and platform orientation for two weeks. We received 10,000 to 30,000 submission inputs every week from the client. The whole team worked dedicatedly to deliver precise output on time. We verified and approved the submissions every day, which made the client highly satisfied.

Online Data Entry Takeaways

The ongoing data entry from BOP helped the client meet their deadlines and collaborate with an experienced team. They were delighted with our full-time equivalents (FTE) arrangements and disciplined services.

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