Updating Database Becomes Easy with Online Data Entry Service for A Cloud-Based Petition Validation Company in the USA

BackOffice Pro’s Online Data Entry Service

BackOffice Pro (BOP) supports online data entry to the global clients adhering to their requirements and business model. We enter, retrieve, extract data from the online portals, and system of the clients to update their database within the deadline. Owing to our expertise, clients from all over the world from different industries trust us for the data entry requirements for their business.


Meet the Client: A Cloud-based Petition Solution Provider

The client is a company offering a cloud-based software system to defend and challenge the signatures in the petitions. The software identifies defects in every sheet of the petition accurately with a comprehensive approach for fraud detection. They validate signatures and analyze petitions with a precision that is unmatched in the industry.

Objectives Behind the Online Data Entry

The primary goal of the project is to:

  • Transcribe handwritten names
  • Data entry in the online system





3500 hours

Project cost

USD 17,500

Client’s Challenges Before Availing Online Data Entry from BOP

The client was facing challenges to transcribe a considerable volume of handwritten forms and upload that in their online database within 3500 hours. They wanted to partner with an outsourcing company with a vast experience in transcription and data entry. Coming across BackOffice Pro, they were lured with the expertise and hired us for their data entry project.

Online Data Entry Solution from BOP

We received the handwritten forms that were loaded in the client’s cloud-based system. The team size of 30 resources was trained to support the requirement and assigned to work on the project. We transcribed, reviewed the outputs daily. In the final output, we entailed the transcribed handwritten forms with the western names and entered them directly into the online system within 14 days.

In the initial phase, the stringent deadline and getting familiar with the client’s cloud-based system, understanding the handwritten names, and delivering on time seem to be challenging. We allocated the workforce and worked extra hours to overcome the challenge and deliver as expected, which was highly appreciated by the client.

Result After the Online Data Entry Solution from BOP

  • The client received the output within the stringent deadline
  • The client worked with an experienced team for their complex project
Online Data Entry CTA

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BackOffice Pro delivers data entry projects within the stringent timeline irrespective of the volume. Our experts are highly skilled and strategic in their approach. Outsource data entry requirements to BackOffice Pro and rest assured the precise and custom solution. Contact us to know more about our services.

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