2,65,000 Data of a Leading Technology Company in the USA were Successfully Organized with Precise Data Entry Service

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BackOffice Pro (BOP), is a leading data entry service provider in India assisting various companies across the world from all industries. We comply with the client’s requirements and assist them in retrieving, extracting, and entering data to an online and offline format. Our list of global clientele advocates our expertise and experience in the data entry services.


Meet the Client – A Leading Technology Firm in the USA

The client is a technology leader specialized in the industrialization of engineering and manufacturing of the durable fiber, offer advanced composites for various industries. With 20 years of experience in composites, they provide high-end solutions to their clients either with the manufacturing of components or with industrialization packages. Believing in innovation, they stay ahead of the competition with automation, digitalization, and advanced analytics.

Objective of the Data Entry Requirement

The goal behind the data entry requirement was to:

  • Organize huge data set in Excel format
  • Enter contact information under the accurate fields





16000 sheets


7,950 USD

Challenges for the Client Before Getting Data Entry Services from BOP

The client had around 15000 – 16000 sheets of contact information of 265,000 entries. They wanted assistance to analyze and classify the contact information under different categories, based on the type of information. Stopping by BackOffice Pro, they contracted with us owing to the level of expertise we have in data entry.

BOP’s Custom Solution for Huge Data Entry Requirement

To assist the client in their business requirement, we requested input from the client. We received scanned sheets with 20 contact information entries per sheet totaling to 16000 sheets with 2,65,000 entries. A team of experts started working on the project, with a daily set target for each resource. We completed the entire project within 14 days that includes data entry in the accurate fields like name, address, DOB, city, county, in an excel format, and shared the output with the client via Dropbox.

In the initial phase, the tight deadline seemed to be a big challenge; however, the strategic allocation of the workforce, and extra working hours solved our problem leading to successful project completion.

Result After Availing Data Entry from BOP

  • The large volume of data entry was delivered within the tight deadline.
  • The client was highly satisfied with our team arrangements and disciplined services
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