CRM Data Entry Services for Cyprus Based Business Analytics and Market Research Company

Crm Data Entry

Client Profile- Cyprus Based Business Analytics Firm

The client is a business analytics and market research form-based out in Cyprus, offering market analysis, business consultancy, and computer science services to their customers from all industries. They believe in simple application and pioneer in transparently providing cost-effective result. They understand every need of their clients, and with accuracy and simplistic approach, they move forward, revolutionizing the way their customers reach their clients further.

Client Requirement – CRM Data Entry

The client was looking for a highly experienced and reliable outsourcing partner to help them in entering data in the CRM extracted from their database, based on their instructions. They held hands with BackOffice Pro and received the best assistance on CRM data entry.

Precursory Challenges in the Project

In the initial phase, the project looked challenging owing to the high volume, substantial IT support, training of resources remotely. Additionally, the project required the knowledge of Greek script. However, continuous discussion with the client and proper training and allocation of resources helped us to overcome the problems.

Customized Approach Devised by BackOffice Pro for CRM Data Entry

The client uploaded the invoices/bills in their database. After a detailed discussion with the client, training, and resource allocation, we took a trial run on a few files for better understanding. Once the trial was successful, we got access to their database to extract the data. We structured the data based on the client’s instruction and entered in their CRM and updated the client.


Remarkable Benefits for the Client

The client was able to complete a considerable volume of work within a short period utilizing multiple resources under the same roof and saved up to 60% on the cost. Being highly satisfied with the deliveries, the client is looking for signing a contract for ongoing projects in the future.